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CyanogenMod on a T-Mobile G2? You Got It (In Video Form)

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“Damn that pesky root bug,” expressed Cyanogen, the popular developer on a (seemingly personal) mission to prove T-Mobile wrong regarding the G2’s supposed failsafe root mechanism. That little episode didn’t stop him from wanting to get his popular ROM up and running on the T-Mobile G2, though, and that he did.

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

“Booted CM on my G2 in the most horrible way possible. … Basically what I’m doing is temprooting and rebooting all of userspace with CM on the sdcard”

That does sound ugly indeed, but I suppose it’s a necessary evil he has to deal with considering they have yet to achieve true root on the device thanks to a bug (which T-Mobile insists on calling a feature, but I think most of our readers will side with Cyanogen on this one.) So we’re probably still far off from an official release for the most stock high-end phone we’ve seen in a while, but at least we know Team Douche won’t take this blasphemy lying down. Until more progress can be made, all we’re treated to is a blurrycam video of the magic happening right on Kondik’s device. Take a look below. [via @Cyanogen]

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Gingerbread SDK Coming Next Week?

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Another rumor to start the early week off. According to Android Police, a source of theirs has let loose that the SDK for the update to Android Gingerbread (2.5? 3.0?) will make its way to the internet next week. I question the validity of this claim considering Google has yet to say a word about the forthcoming iteration. It’s not often that we see them (intentionally) release the SDK before formally announcing the new version. (And I do discern the difference between SDK and the source code here.)

If this does somehow turn out to be true, it doesn’t mean that a release would be on its way right afterward. It could be weeks before we hear more about it, but it’d at least give us an early look at what Google’s looking to do with Android going forward. Rumor has it that this new version will either be tailored for tablets or will be a good starting point leading into that before Honeycomb.


While source code from the AOSP would still be miles off, we’ve seen the geniuses from XDA create full-fledged ROMs based on the SDK image before. If we do end up getting an SDK release next week, expect no different (especially considering everyone’s excited to see what Google’s done UI-wise after grabbing ex-Palm user experience leader – the man directly responsible for webOS’s polish – Matias Duarte.)

Let’s just try to not get too excited before we’re actually able to confirm or deny this rumor. I guess we’ll all know by the time next Friday rolls around.

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Sony Internet TV Live Blog [GOOGLE TV]

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Internet is finally good at one of these live events so here goes nothing… pictures to be added later so this is text only! Refresh for latest.

5:58 – Available at BestBuy October 24th on the shelves. Available pre-order now at but also available for purchase this weekend.

5:56 – Sony is targeting a younger demographic with their Google TV

5:55 – “Thanks to the flexibility of the Android platform, Sony Internet TV can grow and evolve”

5:52 – What we’re seeing isn’t revolutionary for Google TV as we’re pretty much seeing what we saw with Logitech. However the remote (if you ask me) is a lot more intriguing). Just like… my opinion, man.

5:51 – By the way as predicted they announced 4 different sized TVs – should help everyone grab something Google TV related with the different TV sizes and Logitech Revue being the lowest cost

5:50 – He is about to give it a test drive. Kevin is capturing video. Nice!

5:49 – He just said his favorite show is Jersey Shore. Kill me.

5:47 – Netflix, NBA, Qriocity, Pandora, CNBC, Napster, YouTube and Twitter will be the pre-installed apps on Sony Internet TV. Lots more to come when Android Market comes in early 2011.

5:46 – Android and Chrome leveraged to make the searching experience comprehensive…. and better.

5:45 – Remote borrows design elements from PS3. Full QWERTY keyboard, built-in mouse functions, change channels, volume, control Blu-Ray and DVD player. Single remote for all functions necessary in living room.

5:44 – Internet TV Blu-ray disc player will be $399

5:42- he just said regular TV apps are “so 2009″… a statement that is “so 2008″

5:41 – Why is this different? “Fatter pipes into the home”, “More relevant video content”, “More capability in our devices- higher performance”

5:40 – they just unveiled the TV from a white cloth along with the remote and Blu-Ray player. All look super sleek and sexy – decked out in white.

5:39 – Calls it “Android OS Open TV Platform” – BOOYA ANDROID!

5:37 – they just showed the remote and it looks pretty bad ass (pictures coming)

5:36 – announcing Sony Internet TV & Sony Internet Blu-Ray Experience


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Sony’s Google TV Remote

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Lookie lookie what’s on the badge at the Sony TV event:


Me-thinks that’s a sneak peak at the Remote Control for Sony’s Google TV which should be announced any minute here. We’re at the live launch event in NYC and will be going hands on with everything announced so stay tuned for sweet deets!

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HTC 7 Pro Heading to Europe in Early 2011

The announcement that Windows Phone 7, the new mobile Operating System from Microsoft, wouldn’t be landing on any CDMA-based carriers until 2011 was a big blow for some, but there was a glimmer of hope at yesterday’s Microsoft event, when HTC’s 7 Pro made a quick, non-working appearance. The device was said to be heading to Sprint in the early part of 2011, but it looks like Sprint’s grasp on the device won’t be exclusive. It’s been confirmed that the device will be landing in the UK and the rest of Europe in the first half of 2011, too.

HTC 7 Pro1

The HTC 7 Pro features a 3.6-inch capacitive touchscreen display, the 1GHz processor under the hood, and Windows Phone 7 running the whole show. The demo unit we managed to get our hands on at Microsoft’s event wasn’t functioning, but we could tell from our early hands-on with the upcoming smartphone, that the landscape slider with the tilt functionality would probably be one of the more popular handsets. Even if it isn’t launching until 2011.

Unfortunately, carriers weren’t discussed in the revelation, so there’s no telling where it’s going to launch first. And, obviously, pricing wasn’t mentioned, either. You can check out our hands-on video of the HTC 7 Pro below. And if you’re interested in finding out more about Windows Phone 7, check out Windows Phone Forums.

[via Engadget]

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Computer Beats Human Shogi Player in 6 Hours

For those who remember, back in 1997 IBM’s advanced computer called Deep Blue managed to defeat Gary Kasparov in a game of western chess. For some, it was the sign of the end times, where computers would take over the world and enslave the human race. And while computers are still able to beat western chess players to this day, it’s apparently never been done in a game of shogi, or Japanese chess. That is, until now. It’s been reported by The Mainichi Daily News that the top women’s shogi player has been officially defeated by the computer Akara 2010.

shogi 580x386

The Akara 2010 managed to defeat the top women’s shogi player, Ichiyo Shimizu, in a matter of six hours, in 86 moves. The match was an event that took place at the University of Tokyo, and according to Japan’s national broadcaster NHK, Akara 2010 “aggressively pursued Shimizu from the beginning,” ultimately resulting in its success over the human player. This is the first time that a computer has been able to defeat a human player at shogi, which is said to be more complex than the western version.

The Japan Shogi Association is currently analyzing the data of the decisive game. Their goal? To determine whether or not they will allow the Akara 2010 to go up against a male professional shogi player. Shimizu made an interesting comment at the end of the match, saying that “It made no eccentric moves, and from partway through it felt like I was playing against a human.” She went on to add that she hopes that computers and humans can become stronger, through friendly competition. We’ll have to wait until the second match between Akara 2010 and a human player to find out if it was just a fluke, or if the computer is able to consistently defeat humans in the shogi game.

[via New Scientist]

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iOS 4.2 Beta 3 Now Available on Developer’s Site

Without warning, as it usually goes, Apple has just released the latest Beta version for iOS 4.2. The third Beta is available for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s now available for download thanks to Apple’s developer site. So, if you’ve got the meant to access the download, you should be able to head into the portal right now, and start your download.

iOS 4.2 580x194

There’s no word on what changes are being brought with the latest Beta, but hopefully those brave enough to download it, whether you’re really a developer or you just paid to have early access to the iOS releases, will let us know in the comments what they find, versus what was released in the second Beta.

[via Apple]

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Lockheed & DARPA’s Integrated Spotter Scope Gives Snipers a Real Aimbot

As far as technology goes, and the gadgets that we love, the military tends to get the best of the best. Prototypes come and go out of the military on a daily basis, and unfortunately a lot of them don’t make it to the battlefield. But, when one looks, and potentially works, as good as this one from Lockheed, it would be a surprise to not find that it gets fully tested and pushed out onto the field in record time. The Integrated Spotter Scope (ISS), is a working model of a scope that automatically adjusts for the elements of nature, as well as the range from the target.

Sniper 580x362

For snipers, adjusting their scope and position based on the weather conditions, as well as humidity, atmospheric pressure, and even temperature is an every day obstacle they’ve been trained to handle while out on the field. But, while they’ve been trained to be the best, having a computer help them, to make it easier for them to do their job, wouldn’t be a bad thing. The Integrated Spotter Scope is designed to not only do all of that, but also offer up GPS coordinates, as well as point out aim point offset corrections.

The Lockheed and DARPA creation is called a One-Shot system, designed to make sure that the sniper on the field is able to make their shot in one hit, the first time. The new scope is still fresh in its design stages, but the report does suggest that Lockheed has a working model of the scope. However, the first version of the scope was apparently too big and bulky for snipers to effectively carry into the field. Reportedly, snipers would be able to hit targets at ranges of up to 3,600 yards with this new design. Testing for the ISS is scheduled to begin in October, 2011.

[via GearDiary]

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Researchers at Kyoto University Create X-ray Generation Device That Fits in Your Hand

Xray machine

In the technology world, there’s a race to make everything smaller. Even if it’s for a short time, the ability for scientists and researchers to make something that’s normally big, and cram it down to a ridiculous size is something of a pasttime. For a group of researchers at the Kyoto University in Japan, they’ve managed to not only create an X-ray generation device that fits in the palm of your hand, but one that’s also powered by standard D-type batteries.

In a new report from the Japanese business daily The Nikkei, the researchers managed to create the device with a size profile of only 5cm long and 3cm wide. Despite its small stature, the device does quite the work. Two electrodes made of tantalic-acid-lithium are placed inside a glass case, which will start producing heat when they are subjected to some kind of current. Electrons are subsequently released from the device, which emit radiation if they hit the item the researchers are trying to examine.

According to the researchers, they were able to specify the elements in a grain of rice in a matter of only 3 minutes. Of course, the researchers see their brand new invention as a way to replace the X-ray generation machines in use today. Not only that, they say that it could be used in a portable X-ray detector.

[via CrunchGear]

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Precer Group’s Bioracer Uses Wood Pellets for Fuel

Alternate energy options are expanding, and even if some may not be as good as others, it’s good to see the development continuing. The precer Group have taken some time to detail their new Bioracer, which promotes the company’s biomass powerplants. And while the group has focused on buildings for the most part, they wanted to show their alternate energy options can do more than just power the lamp in your living room.


The Bioracer is a proof of concept. The vehicle features a 16HP electric motor, which is powered by a 24 to 96 volt, 100 to 400 amp-hour battery pack, all of which is dependent upon the customized features of the Bioracer. The whole thing is charged by a Stirling engine, which runs on burning wood pellets. According to Precer Group, at full capacity the Bioracer is capable of going for three hours.

The vehicle needs to burn between three and six pounds of wood pellets to reach up to 10 miles of driving. That alone may keep it out of the mainstream of alternate energy vehicles, but as we said before, it’s good to see that companies are still trying to figure out different means to power vehicles.

[via OhGizmo!]

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