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Unrevoked Working on Fix for Droid Incredible Root

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Unrevoked is a great tool for rooting many a handset, but if any of those handsets should receive an OTA update like the HTC Droid Incredible recently did, the rooting method is liable to break. But the Unrevoked team doesn’t give up in the face of adversity, and has been working on a fix to get Incredible support back into the app. The fix is currently in testing, but very could be available by the weekend. Sweet.

[via DroidLife]

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Verizon Black Friday Deals Include Free LG Vortex, Samsung Continuum for $99, and BOGA Offer

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Can you feel the excitement curdling in your blood for Black Friday? I sure can’t, but if you are the type who loves subjecting yourself to masochistic holiday shopping it’s only fair to let you in on all the deals. The latest list of holiday specials comes from Verizon who will be offering many an Android phone at discount this weekend.

The LG Vortex drops to the low price of free on contract tomorrow (with $100 rebate) and Friday (sans rebate), the Samsung Continuum goes to $99 starting tomorrow (after rebate), and the HTC Droid Incredible drops to $149. The Incredible (as well as the Samsung Fascinate and standard Droid 2) is being offered with a BOGA (buy one get any phone of equal or lesser value free) deal, which could net you multiple slick Android devices at a steal of a deal.  Full sales info:

Black Friday and Black Friday Weekend only! See the special pricing and promos for VZW devices.
Let the holiday shopping begin!
Black Friday Specials:
· LG Vortex: FREE ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26) – Instant Rebate on 11/26 only
· Samsung Continuum: $99 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)
· BlackBerry Bold: $49 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)
Plus, on Black Friday (11/26) ONLY, Buy any of the above devices, and Get a FREE Jawbone Icon Hero – a $100 value! (while supplies last).

Black Friday Specials Weekend Specials (11/25 – 11/29): Android
Droid Incredible $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
Droid2 $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
Droid2 Global $199 ($100 MIR)
Droid X $199 ($100 MIR)
Droid Pro $179 ($100 MIR)
Motorola Citrus $29 ($100 MIR)
LG Ally $99 ($100 MIR)
LG Vortex $79 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
Sam Continuum $199 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
Sam Fascinate $199 ($100 MIR) BOGA

[via DroidLife]

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Droid Incredible Free Through Dell

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Dell now has the HTC Droid Incredible for sale at the price of free after a new two-year activation via their website. Actually it’s a bit more than free. Not only will shipping and activation fees be waived, but Dell will pay you with a $25 gift card to take the phone off their hands. While in terms of shelf life the Incredible is getting a bit old, it still ranks right up there with the best Android handsets offered through Verizon. If you have been waiting for an excuse to snag one up this is definitely it. Hit up Dell’s store now.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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Verizon Sends Out Motorola Droid 2 Global Emails, Probably as Good of an Official Announcement as Any

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At this point we are flat-out convinced that Verizon never intends to “officially” announce the Motorola Droid 2 Global by way of press release, and that’s fine. We can deal with that. The phone has already been on sale through VZW, and after an outing on Facebook customers signed up to the Droid email list are starting to receive inbox fodder featuring the beefed up, global Droid.

Pretty anti-climactic, but perhaps Verizon is trying to downplay the shift to the Droid 2 Global to avoid customer confusion after the standard Droid 2 came out only a handful of months ago. But to get inside the head of a mobile carrier marketing grunt would be an exercise in self-torture, so I will spare myself for now.

[via DroidLife]

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HTC PB92300 Crosses the FCC, Could it Be a Dual-Camera HTC Aria?

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Another HTC smartphone has made its way to the FCC, and while not much is known about the phone from the listing itself we can make a few speculations. It will feature both front and rear cameras, GSM/EDGE at 850 and 1900MHz, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and should feature Android. Given HTC has requested confidentiality until spring of next year, we might not know anytime soon.


But over at AndroidCommunity they took the yellow color of the FCC label and ran with it, matching it up quite nicely to a similarly cut label for the HTC Aria. Could it be that this is the Euro-spec Aria now featuring dual-cameras? Or some sort of Aria 2? Based on this comparison alone I’d say it’s likely it will be a similar form-factor.


[via AndroidCommunity]

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iPad keyboard has broken shift-drag capitalization under iOS 4.2.1

The iOS 4.2.1 update for my iPad brought many welcome features -- and one unwelcome one. Since upgrading, I have found myself unable to use the handy shift-drag trick to type capitals. Now, I move my finger down to shift, place it on the screen, drag to the letter I want, release it -- and get something random. Rarely, it's the character I was aiming for. More often, it's some other character I dragged my finger over on the way to it. Even more often, it's something nothing at all.

The video shows the problem in action. This is really quite annoying -- I failed to log into a server several times this morning, and it wasn't until I watched the password box like a hawk that I could deduce why. Fix it please, Apple!

Thanks to Jon for sending this in

TUAWiPad keyboard has broken shift-drag capitalization under iOS 4.2.1 originally appeared on TUAW on Wed, 24 Nov 2010 14:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sony using 3D tech for dual-player PS3 gaming on single screen

It’s not just a 50 title line-up of PS3 games that Sony is throwing 3D at; the company also has plans to use the technology for multiplayer gaming. According to SCEE studio director Mick Hocking, Sony has been showing games developers a dual-screen viewing system that allows two players to see different full-screen visuals simultaneously, and it’s met with a very positive response.

The system – which Hocking doesn’t detail in any great depth, but which presumably takes advantage of shutter glasses to flick a 3D capable display between two 2D images, alternately showing one set to each gamer – would bypass issues where dual-player games on a single display have only half the screen to show each view point. It would also prevent cheating, where one gamer can see the other’s position.

“We have some new technology that we’ve shown to developers that uses 3D techniques, it allows two players to play full screen multi-player games but without each being able to see the others view, and they have been massively keen on them. There’s lots to come.” Mick Hocking, Sony

As for 3D on mobile devices, Hocking says Sony is concentrating on large-screen gaming at present, but that the company is experimenting with “techniques like holographics” and other ways to use 3D. No word on which developers might adopt the dual-view 3D system at this stage.

[via Kotaku]

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Sony 3D pro camcorder gets new video demo

Sony has been showing off its latest professional 3D camcorder prototype, and it certainly looks like it could beat Panasonic’s AG-AF100 in a fight. DigInfo caught up with the twin-lens shoulder mount camcorder in Japan recently, and while Sony are playing coy with the full specifications, they have suggested it will be ready in time for a 2011 release.

Video demo after the cut

The few hardware specs we have right now suggest the prototype has four SxS memory card slots, left and right channel HD-SDI outputs and manual controls for adjusting the point of convergence of the 3D lenses. Of course, all that might change before the commercial release.

It’s not clear how much has been carried over from the Sony EX3 3D prototype shown earlier this year, which had six CMOS chips – three for each lens – taken from a pair of PMW-EX3 studio cameras, each capable of recording 35Mbps 1080p 4:2:0 MPEG-2 video. As then, Sony isn’t talking pricing at this stage.

[via CrunchGear]

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LG HDTV NetCast update adds BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter & more

LG UK has begun pushing out a NetCast update, bringing services like BBC iPlayer, Twitter and Facebook to owners of its web-enabled HDTVs. The update will be installed automatically when a broadband connection – either wired or wireless – is active, and includes movies on demand from Acetrax, Google Maps access and internet radio to the sets.

The new services join YouTube video access, Google Picasa gallery browsing and other content. LG recommends a 2MB connection, both for the upgrade and for the content itself.

The full list of compatible LG HDTVs is below, with LED and LCD models getting the NetCast update from today while plasma models will follow on later in the month. LG expect all models to be upgraded by December 1.


  • LX9900 (47,55”)
  • LE8900 (42, 47, 55”)
  • LE7900 (32, 37, 42, 47, 55”)
  • LE5900 (32, 37, 42, 47, 55”)
  • LE4900 (32, 37, 42”)


  • LD790 (32, 42, 47”)
  • LD690 (32, 37, 42, 47, 55”)
  • LD490 (32, 37, 42”)

PLASMA TV (to be updated by 1st December 2010)

  • PX990 (50, 60”)
  • PK990 (50, 60”)
  • PK790 (50, 60”)
  • PK590 (50, 60”)

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Intel Oak Trail tablet platform in mass production; ARM still not worried

Intel has apparently begun mass production of its Oak Trail platform, targeting tablet PCs. According to DigiTimes‘ industry sources, the platform – which combines an Atom Z670 processor and SM35 chipset - will sell for around $25 with MeeGo to OEMs; if they want Windows 7, they’ll have to shell out more.

Nonetheless, ARM president Tudor Brown is still confident that his company’s chips will come out on top when it comes to mobility devices like tablets. He also confirmed that the fruits of ongoing discussions with Google over future Google TV products based on ARM chipsets should arrive in 2011.

“ARM-designed processors are still expected to remain the dominant technology for tablet PCs for three contributing factors: ARM’s well-established network of silicon partners allowing downstream players to diversify their solution providers, our energy-saving features, and software support around the chip architecture.” Tudor Brown, ARM

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