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Orange offers cheap subsidized iPad

If you are a UK tablet computer geek that has been lusting after an iPad for Christmas this is your chance to get one on the cheap. Orange has announced a new low price for the iPad if you don’t mind signing away 24 months of your wireless freedom.

The iPad at Orange is £199 with a 24-month contract for 3G data. That works out to about $310 here in the states, which is a big discount. If you are planning to get a data plan with your iPad anyway, this is a great deal.

Orange also reminds that its 3D data network covers 93% of the population and they will give your 2 for 1 movie tickets and pizza with Orange Wednesday. Discount pizza and movie tickets are chock full of win.

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Speck offers new PixelSkin HD case for HTC HD7 smartphone

If you are the proud owner of a new HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 smartphone you will want to keep the thing shiny and looking new. What you need is a case that is as cool as the smartphone is. Speck has announced a new case for the HD7 that should be launching really soon called the PixelSkin HD.

At the time I write this, the case is not on the Speck website, but it will land on the site here when it launches. Speck notes that it will also be offered in the T-Mobile stores to buy along with the phone. The new case is the PixelSkin HD and it comes in two colors. The case has a blocky square design that makes the phone easier to grip.

The case also allows users to access the kickstand for propping the phone up. It comes in black or pink colors and will sell for $29.99. The grid of blocks is matte finish with the layer under the blocks having a shine to them. The case is very nice looking.


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Prosecution in Xbox 360 modder case drops charges

Like most geeks, I think that once I spend my money on something like a computer or a game console such as the Xbox 360, it is mine to do with as I wish. If I want to mod the thing, I should be allowed to do so. One modder of and Xbox 360 found himself in court over the modifications he made to the console.

The mods in question were allegedly made to allow the gamer to play pirated games and homebrew software. After the judge lectured the prosecution for half an hour earlier this week, the prosecuting legal team decided to drop the case against the modder. The modders name is Matthew Crippen.

Part of the lecture by the judge was to do with the fact that key evidence in the case was obtained by means that violated privacy laws in California. The key evidence were video tapes of Crippen modding Xbox consoles in his home and the tapes were recorded secretly. Crippen had faced up to ten years in prison.

Via After Dawn

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Best Buy offers free Android phones just in time for Christmas

If one of the things you or someone on your Christmas list really wants is a new smartphone, you might want to head over to Best Buy. The retail giant is offering up some nice new smartphones free with a new contract or an upgrade. The devices include a single Blackberry Curve on Sprint and the rest of the free phones are Android devices on other carriers.

The free smartphones on Verizon include the Droid Incredible, LG Ally, and LG Vortex. The last offering comes in black or purple colors. AT&T users can get the HTC Aria or the Sony Xperia Mobile Phone in silver or black. Sprint users can get the LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio, and the Blackberry Curve.

T-Mobile fans will be offered the LG Optimus T in burgundy and titanium. All of the phones will be available to upgrades and new customers with a new 2-year contract. There will be free smartphone offers every Friday during the holiday shopping season.

Via Android Community

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FTC testifies before Congress on Do Not Track list

If you are the type that is very concerned about your privacy when you are surfing the web and worry that advertisers might be collecting all sorts of data on you and your surfing habits, the FTC is trying to stop that tracking. The FTC has been testifying before Congress on a new Do Not Track legislation that would set up a national registry of users that do not want any of their web habits tracked by marketers.

The Do Not Track list would be similar to the national Do Not Call registry that keeps people for getting messages from telemarketers. The FTC is proposing that Do Not Track would be a persistent setting on Web Browsers of consumers. The FTC concedes that behavioral advertising held some value for web surfers, but the practice needs to be more transparent and the consumer needs more control over what is tracked.

Marketers are not happy at all about the proposal and some claim that the move will cause significant financial harm to the marketing companies. I doubt any web surfer will care that the advertising firm is going to lose money by not being able to do something that most of us never wanted anyway. The testimony stated, “[the best way to avoid tracking] would likely involve placing a setting similar to a persistent cookie on a consumer’s browser, and conveying that setting to sites that the browser visits, to signal whether or not the consumer wants to be tracked or receive targeted advertisements.”

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Kaleidescape debuts Cinema One movie server

Kaleidescape has unveiled its latest movie server called the Cinema One. The device is an out of the box DVD movie server that is designed to be easy to use and hassle free. The device has a cool child mode that switches to an easy to use interface for kids when the child remote is used. That is a nice feature for parents of kids that like to do things themselves.

The server box uses four 500GB mini disc cartridges that has enough storage space for storing 225 DVD movies and offers RAID-K parity for data protection. Multiple Cinema One devices can be grouped for more storage space if needed. The device has HDMI, component, S-Video, and composite video output and digital coaxial, optical, and analog stereo audio outputs.

It supports Dolby Digital Sound, DTS Digital Surround, and MPEG Audio. Supported resolutions include 1080p60/50, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, and 480i. The device supports all sorts of CD formats and DVD formats for recordable media. The Cinema One is far from cheap with a MSRP of $4,995.


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