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The Daily Slash: December 13 2010

Well now! Take a peek at the dinosaur! Whippin up some nice HTML 5 with Javascript for amazing results out at LeWeb! Then take a trip down memory lane as you prepare for the future as Philip reviews Tron (1982), aka the former in the longest period between a film and it’s sequel, EVER, culminating in Tron: Legacy soon! Get pumped up because iPhone for Verizon might run on LTE! Discuss the meaning of a Chrome OS Notebook with Ben. Review with us the Orb Music MP-1 and the LG VL600 LTE modem, unbox and get your hands on a Nexus S and a Laser Pico Projector, and give 3D a try with Don. LOTS to do here right now on The Daily Slash!

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Editor’s Choice
Brand New Android Marketplace User Interface Available NOW (via ripped APK) [NEATOID]
Atari and Cryptic Studios launch Star Trek Online Season Three: Genesis contest [JEAN LUC BLOW UP THE DAMN SHIP]
A Week With the L1 v2 Laser Pico Projector : Hands-on and Unboxing [YIPEE!]
Clark Griswold has nothing on the Faucher’s Christmas light show [EMERGENCY RADIOACTIVE POWER]
Verizon’s Motorola Android Honeycomb tablet leaks [SO LEAKY]
T-Mobile G2 Now Only $49.99 [AMAZING DEAL, TRUST ME]

Verizon iPhone is on Apple’s hired engineers handle
LG Optimus One Series Will Be Receiving Android 2.3

Android Community
Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition to cost about $1000
Angry Birds looks for new ways to make money
Pantech P8000 surfaces with Android onboard
Nexus S UK pre-orders open ahead of “end of Dec” delivery
$100 Dell Streak as Best Buy crank up the subsidies
Maps 5.0 on the Nexus S Demoed by Google
Unofficial Gingerbread Port for Droid X Available Now
LG Star Unofficially Previewed
Huawei Australia Unveils IDEOS X5, X6 Android Smartphones
Brand New Android Marketplace User Interface Available NOW (via ripped APK)
Nexus S Questions Answered by Best Buy
Twidroyd Now Ad Free And Available In The Android Market
Words with Friends Port for Android Coming Soon
Best Buy Details Nexus S Launch Plans
Walgreens Mobile App Now Available
T-Mobile G2 Now Only $49.99
eLocity A7 Tablet Shipping Now
NOOKcolor can now use Android Market (If you’re Rooted, that is) [WOOT]
LG Optimus Mach LU3000 Stocked with Original Ennio Morricone Music
Creative ZiiO appears at the FCC
Android make its way onto Fanboy and Fangirl’s wedding cake
Huawei Ascend for MetroPCS Launched for $179
White Samsung Galaxy S Arrives in Germany
HTC EVO Shift 4G Shows Off Keyboard, Release Date Believed to be January 9th

Roku add 1080p HD to XR streamers with 2.9 firmware update
KIN Studio shutting down as Verizon pulls plug in January 2011
LED Christmas lights hacked into huge IM status display [Video]
Intel pricing Huron River out of the game as Calpalla stocks won’t shift?
Clark Griswold has nothing on the Faucher’s Christmas light show
Google Latitude hits App Store again
Gogo and SkyMall offer free store access on flights
Tamron debuts world’s lightest and smallest 15x DSLR zoom lens
Gear4 offers Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4
PS3 gamers get exclusive playable Kratos character on Mortal Kombat
Kaleidescape reveals Modular Disc Vault for Blu-ray movies
Atari and Cryptic Studios launch Star Trek Online Season Three: Genesis contest
HP and Rossignol team up for special edition notebooks
Mini iPad rumors reignite as half-size model tipped
Justbeats headphones launch as Best Buy exclusive
VW rocks out with Fender Premium audio in select models
Amazon deny hack attack as Euro sites go offline over weekend
Nexus S UK pre-orders open ahead of late-December delivery
Paul Allen patent case against Google, Apple, Facebook & more thrown out
PS3 ITV Player and Channel 4 4oD streaming due this week
Cydia Mac App Store alternative due in just a few weeks time
MacBook Air USB Ethernet adapter glitch prompts network headaches
ASUS Eee Note EA800 gets video unboxing; user-guide goes live
Verizon’s Motorola Android Honeycomb tablet leaks
LG VL600 LTE modem [REVIEW]
Nexus S unboxing and hands-on [FEATURED]
A Week With the L1 v2 Laser Pico Projector : Hands-on and Unboxing [FEATURED]
Why I’m Willing to Give 3D TV A Try [COLUMN]
Is webOS 2.0 Coming to Palm Devices in Q1 2011?
Hidden Gamepad Underneath Chameleon X-1 Mouse
Hybrid Sweet Sweeper Allianz 4000 is World’s First
Solar Powered Watches Updated by Casio at ECO Product 2010
Mozilla Demonstrates Potential of HTML 5 at LeWeb via Floating Ships and Spacecraft [FEATURED]
Apple Attempts to Acquire Patents to Fix for Your Snapshots
MLB At Bat Highest Grossing App for iOS in 2010
LG E90 LED Monitor Landing in the UK Before Christmas
Movie Review: Tron (1982) [COLUMN]
Coloud R2-D2 Themed Headphones Available Now for $49.90
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Breaks Record, Sells 3.3 Million Copies in 24 Hours [Wow!]
iPhone for Verizon Said to be an LTE-Based Device, Launching Right After Christmas
Amazon Sells Millions of Kindles in Just 73 Days, Publicly Thanks Purchasers
Mass Effect 3 Launching Holiday 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC Simultaneously
World Darts Championship to be Filmed With 32 Cameras, Shown Off in 3D
“Emotional” phones hold your hand, blow on you & kiss you [Video]
What is a Chrome OS notebook? [COLUMN]
Intel Light Peak to debut with copper cables not fiber-optic?
Orb Music MP-1 [REVIEW]
HALO DIY obstacle-avoidance system is low-cost radar for visually-impaired [Video]

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Report: Apple invests in Toshiba LCD plant

Japanese business journal report says Apple has invested in factory Toshiba is building in Japan. The plant is said to turn out displays for mobile phones, which many are surmising to be for Apple's iPhone.

Originally posted at Circuit Breaker

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Best Buy Nexus S Launch Details


Looking to buy a Nexus S from Best Buy? They’ve updated everyone with everything you’ll need to know about the launch to make sure there are no surprises. Here’s a nice and concise list of everything you really need to know:

  • Timing: Online sales of Nexus S begin at 8 a.m. Eastern time to coincide with the opening of Best Buy stores on the East Coast. As a reminder, all Best Buy stores have adjusted their holiday hours to open at 8 a.m.
  • Availability: Nexus S is available in all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. Exact inventory will vary by store. Nexus S will be sold out on a first-come, first-serve basis with a limit of 2 per phones customer.
  • Demo phones: All Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores will have a Nexus S demo phone on-hand so customers can see and experience the phone.
  • Pricing: The Nexus S is an unlocked phone and can be purchased without contract for $529. The Nexus S can also be purchased for $199 with a TMobile two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan. Nexus S can also be purchased for $249.99 for add-a-line activations.
  • Upgrade Checker:A quick and easy service that gives customers the ability to see when they are eligible for their next phone upgrade. When the upgrade time is nearing, customers receive a complimentary reminder call, e-mail or text message.
  • Walk Out Working™: Free in-store smart phone setup by a Best Buy Mobile Phone Specialist who will sync personal email accounts, set up Bluetooth headsets, transfer contacts and activate other services to allow the customer to leave the store with a fully functional new smart phone.

That third item is especially important: you’ll be paying $50 more for the phone if you’re adding a line opposed to upgrading or opening a new account. You’ll also want to discern that online sales of the Nexus S begin at 8am Eastern, but your local brick and mortar location will be open at 8am no matter what timezone you live in as it’s their standard holiday season opening time. I’m still see-sawing about the decision to buy one personally, but if I do decide to by the time December 16th hits, I’ll be well  prepared. [Best Buy via AC]

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Evernote Update Brings Advanced Search, Faster Sync, and To-do Check Boxes


Evernote for Android has been updated to version 2.5 today and it brings with it a lot of great new features. The one they seem to be most excited for is advanced search. You’ll be able to “construct complex searches” using tags, notebooks, attributes, location, and dates. Pretty much, if you have OCD and you’ve been tagging your notes a certain way (and you have a lot of them), you’ll have an easier time finding them. You can also save searches so it’s simple to re-execute queries in the future.

They’ve also added support for to-do check boxes – a feature prominent in the desktop version of Evernote. To-do check boxes sound as simple as they are: you are able to treat your notes as if they are to-do lists. They’ve mentioned that you can now check and uncheck items in the app, but no word was given on being able to do this from within the app. (I’d check myself, but my phone is currently chasing a tornado.)

For more information on what to expect from today’s update, hit up Evernote’s blog or do yourself a favor and just find it in the Android market now.

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Words With Friends for Android Coming Soon


WordFeud has long been Android users’ favorite Scrabble clone, but those wishing for the iOS-born Words With Friends of similar origins will be happy to know that the developers – New Toy Inc. – have added a team of Android coders who are currently working to port the title.

“We’ve since hired a team to develop an Android version. They’re actively at work on it at the moment and are getting close to being done, so not too much longer!”

That was the response our tipster – Jordan – was met with when he followed up to a question he’d asked earlier in the year when the developers were still exploring the possibilities of bringing their app to the market. While WordFeud is a fine game to fill that multiplayer Scrabble gap, Words With Friends will pull folks in by name alone and hopefully they’ll find a way to implement cross-platform multiplayer so we can finally play against all of our iOS friends who won’t shut up about it. [Thanks, Jordan!]

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Analyst: App Market Will Explode by 2014 [OBVIOUS NUMBERS]


Research group IDC is predicting that application downloads will increase from the 10.9 billion we’ve seen downloaded worldwide this year (across all platforms) to 76.9 billion in 2014. It’s in line with predictions of overall smartphone market share taking over feature phones by the same period of time. They also expect revenue from these applications to surpass $35 billion dollars.

If you don’t remember, Juniper’s revenue figure was quite similar ($32 billion in 2015), but fell way short of what IDC is claiming in terms of overall downloads: just 25 billion in 2015.

IDC’s numbers factored in the advent of apps beyond just mobile phones, though: televisions, cars, tablets, microwaves, home phones: you name it, people will soon be downloading apps on it. Analyst Scott Ellison of the group uses the word “appify” to describe how more developers would find a way to link everything you do in your life to an app. (The internet connected scale definitely comes to mind, here, as well as OnStar’s app for monitoring your vehicle.) [via IDC]

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Gigabyte Tries Its Hand at Android with the GSmart Rola

gsmart rola

Gigabyte aren’t really known for their phones, but that won’t stop them from trying their hand at the smartphone game. They’ve created the GSmart Rola, an Android 2.2 phone that doesn’t come close to blowing me away, but is sure to be a popular item with budget-conscious folks. For 175 euros, you get a 528 MHz processor, a 3.2-inch WQVGA touchscreen, 256MB of RAM, 512 MB of ROM, a 3-megapixel camera without autofocus, and your usual host of connectivity options. Like I said, you can’t expect much for the price, but if I had to go for a low-end Android, I’d be willing to give this more than a couple of looks. [via GSM Arena]

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Is webOS 2.0 Coming to Palm Devices in Q1 2011?

Possibly. After having been promised HP webOS 2.0 by the end of 2010, Palm users are still having a little bit of a cry circle. If they’d like to have it, they certainly can, but going to the story to purchase a Palm Pre 2 wasn’t exactly what most Palm users were looking for. That’s bush league, man! According to Germany’s O2 Twitter account, webOS 2.0 wont be loaded to Palm devices now until the first quarter of 2011. WHYYY? I WANT IT NOW!

According to our friends over at Pre Central, Germany’s O2 timeline has always been “remarkably frank”, thusly they trust them – we’re inclined to as well. On the other hand, the people working at webOS en Castellano heard “from private forums” that current devices might never get webOS 2.0, instead simply getting an update straight to 2.1. Uh… alright! Whatever works, man!

There already is a 2.0.1 out there for Palm Pre 2 that fixes some bugs, but it appears that this 2.1 is more advances than that. This 2.1 rumor has no timeline however, and is of course less credible having come third or fourth hand. Here’s hoping, though! Nothing like an update to a Palm!

ALSO note that as we get pumped up about the rise of Palm and WebOS to prominence, we’re rolling out some chats about the subject over at webOS Forums – come and have a cup of tea and talk it out a bit. Maybe bring your pals, bring your pixies and your pres, bring it all.

[Via PreCentral]

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Hidden Gamepad Underneath Chameleon X-1 Mouse

For only $55 you TOO can have a mouse under which is a totally sweet gamepad for use with all your favorite old-timey games. I suppose you could use it for some newer games too, but I think the whole world will agree that clearly the best use is for Dr Mario. This mouse is wireless, optical, has a 2.4GHz transmission band, 7 keys and 1 scroll wheel on the top of the mouse, joypad featuring 14 buttons. Interfacing with the mouse is done via USB 1.1 / Plug & Forget / Intelligent ID Link. It’s 1.5V (operational voltage), 30mA (operational current,) and weighs approximately 115g (without the battery).

Sadly, ever so sadly, this mouse will only work with Windows machines (Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT/ ME/ XP/ Vista/ 7). I will be unable to use such a lovely device. For the rest of you though, the resolution of this mouse adds up to: 400/800/1000/1200/1600dpi (adjustable), samples at 125Hz, and its optical sensor is a Pixart. It’s super fancy. You’re gonna want to check it out. I’m surprised it hadn’t been thought of before. Get to playing. Available soon via [Shogun Bros]

[Via OhGizmo!]

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Hybrid Sweet Sweeper Allianz 4000 is World’s First

Hey world, check it out, time to get green while cleaning up while saving the world. All of these things are the same thing, in a way, and now they’re all in the same vehicle. This Allianz 4000 vehicle has a top speed of 60 miles per hour and currently resides in New York City. It has a 6.7-liter Cummings diesel engine and two 12-volt lithium-ion batteries with an electric-traction drive system. How much more efficiently does it run than its non-hybrid counterparts? How does 40-45% fuel savings sound to you?

Allianz sales manager Chad Bormann says thusly of the Allianz 4000: “We have the ability to operate using a smaller single diesel engine running at lower RPMs. This alone creates savings against any street sweeper that requires an auxiliary engine in conjunction with the chassis engine to drive and operate the sweep functions. The fuel savings are extreme and the carbon footprint minimal considering that street sweepers are operated for long shifts daily all over the world.”

Not only does the car offer a better fuel savings than all of its predecessors, its emissions are much lower too. In fact, “This alone helps to justify any upfront additional costs that are associated with the hybrid purchase,” says Bormann on how these lowered emissions help cities meet their emissions standards. All this doesn’t help with the speed of the actual cleaning though, sadly, super sadly, as identified in its clean mode which only ends up being between 3 and 7 mph. Chuggin along.

[Via Wired]

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