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Apple launches tool for creating iAd mobile ads

The new iAd Producer is geared toward advertisers and developers who want to design a mobile-ad campaign and offers an alternative to Adobe's Flash for building mobile ads.

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Motorola Adds Countdown to CES

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Motorola CES Countdown
If there is one thing Motorola has been able to do, with their entire DROID lineup, it’s build hype. Yesterday we were treated to a video detailing the evolution of the tablet. And today we get a countdown to CES clock. Next thing you know they’ll be turning the countdown clock into an app, for iOS.

If you’d like to sign up for updates you can by visiting the countdown.

[via Droid Life]

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Two Million Galaxy S Phones Sold in South Korea

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Samsung Logo
It’s no mystery that everyone loves the home team; so it should come as no shock that the Galaxy S has done very well in its native land, South Korea. They have moved 2 million Galaxy S devices in the six months it has been available in South Korea, more than 20% of worldwide sales. To give you something to bump against, the iPhone has moved around 1.8 million devices even though it has been available for twice as long as the Galaxy S.

To date, Samsung has moved a total of 9.3 million Galaxy S handsets. And with Samsung’s goal to go diamond with the Galaxy S family by year’s end, there is a very good chance they will make it with a final push this week.

[via Unwired View]

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Playstation Phone to be Officially Coined “XPERIA Play”?

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Sony Ericsson may be pulling a double-bluff-reversi on everyone that is following the eventual announcement and launching of the “Playstation Phone”. Engadget, and a series of other tech blogs are reporting that a PR firm for SE, Stockholm based Jung Relations, has registered a slew of XPERIA Play-like domain names from a variety of TLDs, including Personally, I would have capitalized on the Playstation Moniker, but I’m not paid the big bucks.

As for getting our first hands-on with this handset, SE has managed to keep pretty tight lipped on their plans. If they don’t plan on going for CES, they get to wait until MWC come February.

[via Engadget | Pocket Now | Thanks, Anonymous Tipster!]

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AdMob and Coke Bring A Fun Live Wallpaper

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Coca-Cola-Art_Christmas_Santa9Google’s AdMob and Coca-Cola have teamed up for a little holiday fun this year. A live wallpaper based inside a snow-globe to brighten your days as you fiercely search your device for the best deals while navigating cutthroat shopping malls. And, if nothing else it will remind you that there’s is nothing better than an ice cold coca-cola on an ice cold winter day.

coke live wallpaper QR

[via Download Squad]

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New Apple TV sales to hit million-unit mark this week

In a brief press release this morning, Apple announced that it expects the iOS-based Apple TV to pass the one million mark in units sold sometime later this week. The release also notes that iTunes users are renting/purchasing TV episodes and movies by the truckload (400,000 and 150,000 per day, respectively), although it's a bit ambiguous as to whether all those cited transactions involve an Apple TV or not -- our guess is 'not.'

At a run rate of one million units sold in just one quarter -- aligning nicely with JMP Research's estimates from October -- the new version of Apple's 'hobby' seems to have more momentum than the original Apple TV did in the marketplace. With the lower price point of $99, the tight integration with AirPlay-enabled iPads and iPhones, and the inclusion of Netflix streaming, the Apple TV matches up pretty well with other video devices at its price point.

It's not all sunshine and smiles in the TV-gadget market right now, however. The more ambitious and technically challenging Google TV project is hitting some major bumps; meanwhile, vendors of other set-top devices seem to be gaining momentum from the attention the Apple TV has brought to the sector. Roku in particular has seen dramatic increases in sales, which the company's CEO attributes in part to the impact and media buzz around the Apple TV.

[h/t Business Insider]

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Iseaeli Hospital Using Apple iPad to Help Treat Patients with Help of Microsoft’s Chameleon

Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center is said today to be the first hospital to use the iPad to interact with Microsoft’s Chameleon software for use in hospitals. Dr Yoram Liwer, chief executive of Mayanei Hayeshua, spoke with Reuters on the matter, saying they’ve now got access to the same program and database they’d have on their computers now on their iPads, working in a much more mobile manner: “The patients’ data are in the computer … so physicians who are out of hospital but on call can see X-rays and ultrasounds through their iPad and give more intelligent advice to staff in the hospital.”

A good example of how the iPad is being used happened recently when a patient arrived at the emergency room with a broken hip. The senior orthopedic surgeon was not in the hospital and a full hip replacement was needed, so the doctor on duty contacted the OS sending X-rays and CT scans which he (or she) could view with the iPad. The OS was able to respond immediately, offering advice on how they should move forward, then again he (or she) was able to follow up right after the surgery’s results were sent out.

Liwer continued, “The high resolution of the screens enables good viewing of the X-rays and also the iPad is fun to work with. People like to carry it with them wherever they go. They don’t take a laptop but the iPad is with them all the time so we get better and more intelligent consulting.” Well played.

[Via Reuters]

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Two Top-Down Monster Murdering Apps Applying for Mac App Store Acceptance Soon

Whooo doggy these games look fun. Gameprom, the group of designers that created my all-time very favorite app SLAYER Pinball Rocks has released a couple of videos teasing at the release of a couple of massive mayhem games for the Apple App Store. First there’s Crimsonworld, a fabulously fast-moving game where you’re a robot in an alien environment where every monster you see wants to destroy you – murder them! Then there’s Magnetar, a space scroller along the lines of all your favorite overhead airplane war adventures.

They’re calling Crimsonworld a “Doom-style bloody mess with a top-down view.” That sounds right up my alley! Looks like there’s probably no chainsaw, which is regrettable (lol), but WOW does this look fun.

Magnetar seems like a relatively short game (5 unique worlds with 4 levels in each of them with 5 bosses,) but LOOK at it! It’s bright and fabulously layered. Can’t wait to play it.

[Via GamePromCompany]

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Tegra 2 Isn’t Enough

It’s easy to get swept up in the hardware race. Several years ago it was PCs and then notebooks; now it’s smartphones and tablets chomping at the bit to clash spec sheets. CES 2011 is expected to bring dual-core mobile CPUs to the fore, with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 cropping up inside devices like the LG Optimus 2X and slates including Notion Ink‘s much-anticipated Adam. Yet, despite the hype, it’s finally dawning that Tegra 2 – or, indeed, any of the new dual-core chips – isn’t enough.

Speed alone isn’t sufficient for a good mobile device experience; you need the software to back it up and make the most of it, and right now that’s where many gadgets are falling short. Viewsonic’s underwhelming “user experience” saw it yanked from Staples shelves this weekend, echoing the Toshiba Folio 100′s fall from grace in the UK last month over a similarly buggy implementation of Android. Our time with the Advent Vega, meanwhile, showed that while you can have a bulging spec sheet and a relatively tiny price tag, the software is equally important if you want a device that’s impressive beyond mere benchmark results. Toshiba’s AC100 is another good example of how dual-core on its own isn’t enough to make a good product.

Take then, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Dismissed by many as overpriced, a smaller – later – rival for the iPad crown, Samsung has nonetheless seen impressive sales figures for its 7-inch tablet. You have to be offering something special to charge roughly double what the white-box Android slates are going for, and Samsung’s magic seems to be its custom software. Rather than slapping on Android and relying on the Google brand halo to carry the Tab, the Korean company’s software engineers took the time to deliver unique calendar, contacts and other apps suited to the screen size and resolution.

It’s the same reason we’re excited about Notion Ink’s Adam. Yes, the Pixel Qi screen option is promising, and on paper the hardware generally doesn’t disappoint, but the start-up’s work on its unique Eden UI and multitasking system will be what makes or breaks the Adam’s long-term usability. “It’s a big phone” is a criticism often levelled at tablets, but most manufacturers aren’t doing much to avoid it. Instead they’re throwing the latest generation of chipsets into a new range of models and rolling out another PR campaign championing the boost in speed.

Perhaps we cling to the idea of hardware salvation because it’s easier, or sexier. The shiniest new chip with a sky-high clock speed or umpteen cores is more straightforward to quantify than software; you can slip into Top Trumps mode and bang the stats together, proclaim device X is better than Y or Z without doing much more than casting an eye over the spec sheet. Maybe we’re just biased toward hardware because software has become devalued: when Google gives away Android free, when you can find just about any app distributed as a torrent, it’s little surprise that we still put more emphasis on the physical despite it being the virtual we interact with daily.

Dual-core isn’t some silver bullet, and while CES 2011 will bring plenty of shiny new smartphones, tablets and more, without the software to back it up we’re still looking at a half-solution that will likely disappoint in day-to-day use. Honeycomb should answer some questions for Android devices, though only later in 2011, but there’s a lot to be said for manufacturers taking the time to develop their own unique implementations. 2011 will be the year of the tablet, and of the dual-core mobile CPU, but more importantly it should be the year that smart software gets the equal attention it deserves.

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Notion Ink Adam’s custom Mail’d email app gets video demo

Notion Ink has released another video of its Adam tablet, and this time they’re focusing on perhaps one of the most important mobility apps bar the browser: the email client. Their homegrown “Mail’d” app is, the company boasts, one of the fastest around, and includes features like a multitouch QWERTY keyboard and the ability to recall messages you’ve sent accidentally.

Video demo after the cut

There are also handy additions such as reminders if you’ve said you’ll attach a file but subsequently forget to. The app supports multiple accounts simultaneously, as you’d expect, with color-coding and other organization features. Things look pretty slick from Notion Ink’s video, certainly, and we even like the company’s choice of Newton’s cradle as the “thinking” status icon; it beats a spinning pinwheel, certainly.

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