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OffHollywood Studio Head Mark Pederson’s RED EPIC Stolen from Chalet

To be an early adopter is one thing, but to be the first person to own something as extravagant as the RED EPIC camera, well that’s something completely different. And it obviously puts you on the radar of a lot of people. And some of those people may not have the best of intentions. For OffHollywood studio head Mark Pederson, who was the first person to own a RED EPIC, that lesson came the hard way, when he learned that his French chalet had been broken into, and cash wasn’t the only thing taken.

Last night, Pederson woke up to find that his chalet in France had been entered forcefully through the front door. Pederson, who wrote about the event on the REDUSER forum, said that “there was a forced entry through the front door. The thieves actually entered the master bedroom while my in-laws were sleeping, and standing a foot from their bed – emptied wallet and purse. There were 6 children and 8 adults sleeping in the house.” Police are actively working on the case, and hopefully the person, or people responsible for the theft will be found and the RED EPIC will be returned to its rightful owner. After all, a $58,000 purchase is nothing to take lightly.

[via Engadget]

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