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Skype lawsuit alleges Supernode tech impinges patent

Skype blamed its supernodes for the VoIP network’s downtime last week, and it seems the P2P technology is also to blame for a new patent infringement lawsuit filed against the company. Gradient Enterprises claims Skype is stomping all over its “Method for Detecting, Reporting and Responding to Network Node-Level Events and a System Thereof” patent, granted back in February 2010, without coughing up the necessary licensing fees

Just as Skype’s supernodes communicate network status and manage VoIP call routing in a decentralized way, meaning that – in theory at least – the system is not reliant on a single server hosted by Skype itself, Gradient’s patented technology covers cross-node communication of status and events. As the patent describes:

“An event detection system communicates network event information associated with an event detected at one or more of the nodes in the network to the one or more first mobile agents, and a reporting system disseminates from the one or more first mobile agents information describing the detected event to one or more other nodes.”

Skype is yet to comment on the lawsuit.

[via TechCrunch]

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DIY Doctor Who nesting dolls set perhaps best Christmas gift so far

DIY holiday gifts generally have more thought behind them than store-bought, and we’re particularly loving Molly Lewis‘ homemade present from this festive season. She made a frankly awesome set of Doctor Who nesting dolls, taking in eleven generations of Doctor and a TARDIS to accommodate them.

From the sound of things, the wooden dolls themselves were store-bought and then Lewis hand-painted them herself. William Hartnell is a tiny little nub of a figure, while current Doctor actor Matt Smith is the largest. As with the “real” TARDIS there’s plenty of room for them all to fit inside.

If you’re tempted to have a go at a Doctor Who nesting doll set yourself, you can either paint over an existing set or pick up a set of blank dolls; they’re reasonably inexpensive, it turns out.

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Mystery Sony Ericsson Device

Someone really took a cue from HTC and leaking some half shots of a mystery Sony Ericsson Device; and it certainly isn’t the XPERIA Play.
Absolutely nothing is known about this device other than the model number could be LT15i. Web Masters are deducing that the LT15i is a Gingerbeard device due to the two being tied together in user agent logs.

[Read on Engadget | Pocket Now | Picasa]

There is no typo

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Dell Streak 7 Heading to T-Mobile?

This image has no alt text

The fellas over at received some interesting pictures. Notice in the top left, you’ll see T-Mobile in the notification bar.

And if you look to the rear you’ll see the all too familiar T-Mobile branding. With any luck we will see a lot of this device at CES.

Not too many details have emerged on this device other than, dude, it’s a Dell and it’s 7 inches. Two things I can tell Dell to make this device a success:

1. Don’t cheap on the hardware
2. Wait for Honeycomb.

Head over to CellPhoneSignal below for two more exclusive shots.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

I came, I saw, she said yes

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Samsung Insists Canada Start New Year With FroYo

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I spoke a bit too soon. And it looks like Samsung has bestowed its FroYo light on a number of Canadian Galaxy S owners. Those of you with a Vibrant on Bell, Virgin Mobel and Sasktel as well as consumers who have a Fascinate on Telus are cleared for FroYo launch.

This news does come as somewhat of a shock. Samsung released and quickly pulled 2.2 for the Vibrant and Telus Fascinate users should not have expected the update until the dial rolled over.

[Image courtesy of Engadget | @RobertBrienza]

“Someone should tell Sammy that FroYo is dated” -Buzz Killington

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Galaxy S FroYo Available, For the U.K.

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You Yanks didn’t really think Samsung had something to put in your stocking, did you? No, this year Samsung seems to be calling it “The Year of Europe”. That’s where most of their Galaxy S updates seem to be going. A few days back @samsunguk tweeted that FroYo is now available for all of your Apps2SD and Flash needs.

This update looks like it will come OTW via Kies. When you’re ready to take a flying leap head over to Samsung UK’s Galaxy S Support Page, click on “Firmware Update” and follow the instructions.

[via Electronista | Slash Gear]

It strikes me, I had no Egg Nog this year.

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Dell Streak 7 clears FCC with AT&T and T-Mobile 3G

A post-holiday treat this morning, with the FCC passing the Dell Streak 7 – aka the Looking Glass or Dell M02M – complete with UMTS/WCDMA support for both AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The Streak 7, expected to launch at CES 2011 next month, has both a SIM slot and an SD card reader on the side, along with a fixed rear panel suggesting a non-user-replaceable battery.

There’s also WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, while previous rumors have suggested that the Android-based slate will run NVIDIA’s second-gen Tegra 2 chipset. It’s not yet known whether, as with the 5-inch original Streak, the Streak 7 will support voice calls, or whether its modem will be limited to data only.

Before Christmas, a commercial for the Dell Streak 7 leaked out confirming various features and specs, along with the tablet’s name. We’re expecting to find out more at CES 2011.

[via Engadget and via Android Community]

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LG to show off 72-inch Full LED backlit 3D TV at CES

CES 2011 will kick off in only a couple weeks and with the show starting hoards of new gadgets and home theater gear that will debut for the first time. Some of the new gear that will be at the show is being announced early and among that new gear is the LG LZ9700 3D TV.

LG claims that this set is the largest full LED backlit TV in the world and the set is good for 3D and 2D images. The LZ9700 has TruMotion 400Hz procession for smooth and fast 3D playback. The set also has a number of Smart TV features as well. It can stream programming from partners and supports an increasing collection of TV apps

The set also includes the LG Magic Motion Remote Control. It will hit stores in early 2011 and pricing is unknown at this time. Consider that a similar sized Vizio 3D set is going to sell for about $3500 and the LG set will not be cheap. There is no word on whether the set uses passive or active 3D glasses, I am betting active.

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DJ creates CMYK vinyl records

I have no idea who the artist from Europe named James Blake is or he appears to be some sort of DJ, but his records are really cool. The dude has created a set of vinyl records that are called the CMYK EP. The record was recorded at home and the album is offered in three colors.

The LPs are in yellow, magenta, and cyan colors just like the ink inside your printer. When you overlap the three records you end up with the CMYK color model and it’s really cool. Apparently, the records have been out for a while now, I guess we are too lame to know about cool vinyl here in the states.

The music is some sort of electronic hip hop, which leaves me thinking of those bad European dance tunes used in some of the movies I have seen. Check out the associated video from James Blake below.

Via Laughing Squid

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Nikon patent surfaces for lens with manual and motorized zoom

The video quality you can get from a DSLR that can record video in HD is very impressive giving the capability to make really good photos and video with one go. The catch that some are finding when they are trying to make pro level video with the DSLR is that it’s hard to zoom smoothly in manual zoom mode that DSLR cameras support.

Nikon has filed for a patent that outlines a cool new DSLR lens that has both manual zoom and electronic zoom modes the manual mode would allow the shooter to zoom quickly when taking still shots where being smooth isn’t a factor. The same lens would have an electronic zoom mode.

That electronic zoom mode would allow for smooth zooms that look professional and are easy to perform. Where this patent will come into play is unknown. The patent app was filed on June 3, 2009 and published last week.

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