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Report: iPad 2 to use fast graphics chip

The iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will use new processor hardware, as both devices compete against high-performance products from Motorola and RIM, among others.

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The Daily Slash: January 17 2011

Oh you want some reviews? We just happen to have a couple for you to take a peek at here – first there’s the Lenovo U260 IdeaPad Notebook Review, then there’s also the MacBook Air 11-inch GelaSkin Review and Hands-On (with Bonus iPod Touch Review!) Have a look next at a column by Chris Davies which notes a very serious thing: A Real Tablet has a Stylus. Next there’s another column by no less than Ben Bajarin by the name of Why My Kinect is Not Collecting Dust. Then there’s one by the dude called Don Reisinger – Call Me When Streaming Matches Blu-ray. Have a peek at a CyanogenMod 7 Quadrant Benchmark on Nexus S, find out about Syncing Music in Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and check out our StarWars hypothesis for the oncoming Sprint event – 3D Android Phone?

R3 Media Network

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Notion Ink Adam Clears FCC, Ships Wednesday
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EVO 4G Price Drop to $99 on Amazon
Dell Streak 7 4G Tablet Release Date Feb 2nd?
Sony Ericsson Sticking with Android, Releasing Phones with Latest OS

Consumer Reports cautious on Verizon iPhone 4
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Steve Jobs takes medical leave of absence
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Epson unveils new 13-inch R3000 printer for photographers
Sony Music & Universal “On Air, On Sale” policy targets impatient pirates
Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3 Mini-ITX packs dual-HDMI for Sandy Bridge
ASUS Eee PC Sirocco to deliver hurricane speed?
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iPad 2 multicore SGX543 GPU tipped for 4x graphics boost
HP webOS netbooks tipped for phone/tablet ecosystem
Why My Kinect is Not Collecting Dust [COLUMN]
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Call Me When Streaming Matches Blu-ray [COLUMN]
Best Buy lists three new iPad models “coming soon”
More iPad 2 cases leak for second-gen Apple slate [EXCLUSIVE]
Notion Ink Adam clears FCC ahead of midweek shipping
Sonos considering in-car and headphone systems
Microsoft cannibalizing MSN to drive Bing growth?
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I card promises 45MB/sec
HTC 7 Pro finally on sale (in Germany)
Indonesian BlackBerry porn ban by end of week
RIM considering adding server support for non-BlackBerry devices
Secret Skateboard – For Office Women Under the Table
Lenovo U260 IdeaPad Notebook [REVIEW]
iTunes and Safari Combining Into One Application, Rumor Suggests
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Mattel’s Hot Wheels Video Racer Lets You See the Race from Inside the Car
Scientist Aims to Bring a Woolly Mammoth to Life by 2016
MacBook Air 11-inch GelaSkin Review and Hands-On (with Bonus iPod Touch Review!) [REVIEW]
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Magazine Publishers Still Seeking Recurring Application Subscriptions for the iPad
HP Ready to Ship a Dick Tracy Wristwatch to the US Army Later This Year
AA USB Concept Design Combines USB Drive and AA Battery
Capcom Adds Akuma and Taskmaster to Marvel vs Capcom 3 Lineup [Video]
A Real Tablet has a Stylus [COLUMN]

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MacBook Air 11-inch GelaSkin Review and Hands-On (with Bonus iPod Touch Review!)

So we were contacted by no less than GelaSkins themselves to see if we’d like to take a look at their brand new MacBook Air protective skins. What did we say? Of COURSE we’d like to take a peek. So they did indeed let us take a peek, and since I just happen to have had a brand new MacBook Air 11″ right here to go with my ancient iPod Touch 2nd gen, I decided to grab a skin for both. For the iPod Touch 2nd gen I decided to go with a massively complex London illustration by my favorite group of pixel illustrators in the world: eboy! Then for the MacBook Air 11-inch, I decided to take the DIY route and have them print my own design.

The design I decided upon for the MacBook Air 11″ was a photo of the army-issue backpack in which I carry all of my accessories and books to and fro. In this way it would not only be protected from scratches, but from nefarious intentioned characters as well. Why? Because if it were printed well enough, it would be totally camouflaged!


When we received the package in which the skins were mailed, we did not instantly know the contents. This is important as these skins are highly sought-after as they work on many different products, even if they aren’t sized correctly. Of course GelaSkins does suggest you use them on the products they intended them for, but weird stuff happens!

Once we we’d opened the first envelope, the excellence was instantly known. High quality plastic sleeves surround two sheets each -one of them an informational sheet, the other containing the skin. These sleeves opened just like you would a comic book sleeve. Newbs- be careful. You don’t want to wreck your comics by having them stick to the sticky part. Once you’ve got the sheets out, you can see the majestically colorful brightness of whatever printers GelaSkins is working with.

Top notch, all the way.

MacBook Air 11″

The first of two skins we unwrapped was the MacBook Air 11″. Although the top of this computer is relatively small, especially when compared to the rest of the comparable computers on the market, it seems gigantic when you peek the sticky side up from the GelaSkins backer. This protective skin is almost rubbery on the printed side, slightly less sticky than a vinyl sticker you’d put on your car on the sticky side. It’s almost like it’s between a window cling and a bumper sticker, if you know what I mean. I was able to place the skin on the computer PRECISELY after a few tries, but if you’re not a master craftsman, (taught in the fine arts of bookmaking by the Minneapolis masters,) you might want to consider working with two people – one to hold part of the sticker up, the other to place it down. The sticky side is a level of sticky that’s able to be stuck more than once, but the amount of times you can peel it up is finite (though we didn’t need more than 3 or 4 tries to get it perfect.)

The printing on this skin is marvelous. You’ll hear me say the same thing about the iPod Touch skin because it’s a design by people who know how detailed the printers can be here, but I had no idea, and thustly submitted a high-res photograph to test the capability of the GelaSkins colors and sharpness. Completely top notch. I’ve never seen something printed so perfectly on a non-paper surface. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they’ve done it extremely well. When placed next to the backpack from whens the photograph came, supposing it’s in the same light, they look basically identical. A little bit different in size, obviously, but identical nonetheless.

This laptop goes with me basically everywhere since it is an ultraportable and I do like to bring it along. Therefor it is witness to some medium punishment. I do have an Incase sleeve that I put it in for travel between locations, but once I’m at a place like a coffee shop or a library or on a plane, some damage is bound to happen. While I have had this skin on for over a week now, bringing this laptop with me everywhere, I cannot see a scratch and the skin has not begun to peel off in any spot whatsoever.

iPod Touch (2nd Gen)

It doesn’t matter especially that this iPod Touch is a 2nd Gen rather than the newest model since the same factors in deciding if the protective skin is good go into play. Is it easy to apply? Extremely. Obviously much moreso than the laptop. Does the skin protect the back of my device? Of course it does – not a scratch in the week I’ve had it. Does the skin peel at all? Not even a little bit. Needless to say (have a peek for yourself) the printing is basically perfect. The pixel illustration group eboy have clearly positioned their illustration here (and on a bunch more skins) to work perfectly with the size of the skin, and they’ve done an excellent job. I’m more exciting to show off the skin than I am to show off the new apps I’ve purchased.


I’ve written much more than I really should have even had to – all I should have said was that these skins do exactly what they say they do, protect the surface they’re covering, and that they’re printed magnificently. You’re dealing with an absolutely professional group here (just look at the artists and designers involved for proof) and they’re making a really rocking product.

Head over to and grab a bunch!


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Secret Skateboard – For Office Women Under the Table

This right here is a skateboard with style, for the woman skater with an desk job, just waiting to get back on the streets to do some sick 50-50 grinds, but currently filing papers and being a boss in the office. This is a board created by designer Carissa Carter and created as a treat for the owner. Made to be stroked, not ridden.

This board is made of molded plywood and has foam and leather upholstered to the top. Although it’s made for the office, I imagine the goofiest of ladies and men would have an alright time skating barefoot with this pillow of boards. Don’t fall off though, I’ve done such a dare and it doth hurt quite mightily. I’ve also skated around campus way back in my college years, and having a board under my feet during class can be surprisingly soothing – supposing the wheels are properly greased.

Would you like your own “Secret” board by designer Carissa Carter? Too bad! This is an art project, and not made for mass consumption -unless of course you and enough other people contact her to make you one. All art projects are open to multiplication under the right kind of well-meaning duress.

[Via SnowFlyZone]

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6 Foot Android Costume Lost or Stolen [Tragic News]

This image has no alt text

Some sad, sad news has come out of Cincinnati. It appears that Cricket’s Mr. Android costume – one they often use to publicly promote and display their love and acceptance for Android-based products – has fallen off of the back of a pick-up truck. Cricket’s offering $1,000 for the recovery of the costume. Steep reward, no? That’s because the thing cost $4,500 to make. Yea, I didn’t believe it at first either.

If you’re in Cincinnati and have seen the whereabouts of Mr. Android, please do all of us a favor and turn it in. I long for another day of someone standing in the costume looking just as happy as an Android robot can look. Hell, I even took a picture with the thing, so you can understand why I’m hurt and distraught over this. Do the right thing. [via AC]

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Latest Verizon Fascinate Maintenance Upgrade Killed Your USB Mounting?

This image has no alt text

Welp, looks like we got a maintenance upgrade that actually did more harm than good. (Depending on how you weigh working GPS against broken USB mounting, anyway.) Users are reporting that the DL09 upgrade issued for the Samsung Fascinate last week has broken their phones’ USB mounting features. Users on both PC and Mac (and we’d guess Linux, but can’t confirm) have been affected by the issue, we’re hearing.

Before trying anything else, one member at Android Central’s forums provides a quick fix that may get you going again:

Supposedly it seems if you have USB Debugging ENABLED and you hook the cable up to the phone while it’s OFF and you turn it ON it will mount correctly.

Worth a quick try, but we’re hearing it doesn’t work for Mac users, and degrees of success vary.

There’s a way around it if you’re on a Windows-based PC at least. (Side note: Macs are PCs, whether you like it or not.) Download and install this 113 MB V Cast application. Download an obscure program called ToolLauncher-Bootstap.exe to install some obscure drivers that you’ll need to fix this obscure issue. Then, follow these instructions:

1) Unplug your Fascinate from the computer.
2) Download and install V CAST Media Manager. During the install process, when you are prompted for “If your phone requires a driver, select it from the list below”, do not select anything. Instead click install and let it finish installing.
2) On Fascinate Go to settings > applications > development and uncheck USB Debugging.
3) On Fascinate Go to settings > USB settings > and check Mass storage.
4) Plug Fascinate into PC and run ToolLauncer-Bootstrap.exe
5) A popup will display in your system tray saying software is available that will help your Atlas (SCH-I500) communicate with your PC. Click Yes. It will now install USB drivers.
7.) Pull the notification panel down and select USB Connected: Select to copy files to/from your computer.
8.) A popup will display. Choose Mount.
9.) You card should now be mounted and a window should open displaying the contents of your SD card.

To unmount:

1.) Swipe down on the notification panel and select the option to turn off USB storage.
2.) Press the Turn Off button.
3.) Unplug Fascinate from your computer.

To remount in the future, plug your Fascinate in to your computer and repeat steps 7-9 above.

Hopefully that’ll get you going, as annoying as it is. For Mac users, you may want to read through and participate in this thread if the first method I posted does not work. You could always just use a microSD card adapter, but I understand this may not be an option for a lot of folks. And if you’d just rather not be bothered with the mess, Verizon and Samsung are aware of the issue and are working hard to get it fixed. Let’s just hope things will come along sooner rather than later. [via Android Central]

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Rumor: T-Mobile, Samsung to Launch Vibrant 4G on Feb. 23

This image has no alt text

Another rumor to get us through the day regarding Samsung, T-Mobile, and the Vibrant 4G: the release day may be February 23rd. This is based on a release roadmap sent to TmoNews by who we assume could be a trusted tipster. Other devices on the list include the Samsung Sienna and the Motorola CLIQ 2. So there you have it. We all know what I’m going to wonder next, though: is it safe to say that the original Samsung Vibrant will get Android 2.2 at the end of February? I kid, I kid. [via TmoNews]

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CEO of Deutsche Telekom and CEO of T-Mobile to Meet for New USA Strategy

This image has no alt text

Facts have been faced: T-Mobile has been the nation’s number four carrier for a long time now, and the situation doesn’t look to be improving. Deutsche Telekom – T-Mobile’s parent company based out in Germany – knows this, and their CEO is looking to meet with T-Mobile USA’s CEO sometime next week (when, where, and how wasn’t revealed by Reuters, the originators of the report) to discuss what steps and strategies they’ll be taking to improve.

"In the US, we need an aggressive marketing policy and customer-friendly pricing," says CEO Obermann. "We have to improve our arguments as to why customers should come to us or stay with us."

A change in marketing strategy sometime in the middle of last year seemed to be a step in the right direction, but according to quarterly numbers, T-Mobile remained stagnant. T-Mobile is already one of the more competitive carriers in terms of pricing, but could they be wanting to provide even more value over the big four and pull in more customers from the lower tier carriers?

Their device strategy isn’t bad (at least as far as the majority of their subscribers are concerned), so I can’t see them wanting to shake things up too much there. Or perhaps not shaking things up is the issue. Who knows? All we know is that they’re meeting and that we may see a new T-Mobile in some shape or form sometime in the not-too-distant future. [via TmoNews]

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Notion Ink: FCC Approval Means We’re Shipping Wednesday

This image has no alt text

Rejoice! We should soon be able to put to rest the rumors that the Notion Ink Adam is vaporware as the issue keeping them from shipping the tablet – the lack of FCC approval – has been hurdled. With that, Rohan Shravan insists that pre-orderers should see their tablets shipped Wednesday, which hopefully means most people should be enjoying the Adam by Friday. He’s also confirmed that another round of orders will soon be taken for the next batch. They even threw in a fun little story about how the model number process went for them:

There is a small story behind the product code (assigned by Notion Ink). It reads NI3421A01. NI stands for Notion Ink and A01 is Adam 1 series. 3421 are consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series. We can trace the number down to NI0000A01 (later ones being 0100, 0102, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421). This would mean that the final Adam you will receive is the 9th iteration! Behind every version and number there is either a very beautiful or sad story. For examples the 1308 version was in May last year when the investor issue started.

Neato. Now let’s see the thing in the hands of thousands of patient, yet still very eager fans. [via Notion Ink]

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Lenovo U260 IdeaPad Notebook Review

The following is a review of the black and orange Lenovo U260 IdeaPad Windows 7 notebook – a super-comfortable little businessman made for ultra-stylish checkings of online business and perhaps even the playing of some games. The very first thing you’ll notice about this laptop is that it is a fantastic shade of orange – this is one of two colors it can be, (the other being Mocha,) but that’s not the reason you’ll stick around. Nor is the most comfortable experience I’ve had with a notebook since I first started using MacBooks – use this factoid in your judgement of MY judgement, because it makes me a hard customer to sell when it comes to notebooks outside of the industrial designer brilliance employed by Apple. Note first and foremost that I think Apple’s people should talk to Lenovo’s people here if they ever plan on moving away from hard plastic and flat metal surfaces.


This tiny notebook has a 12.5 inch LCD digital display with 1366 x 768 resolution and a matte finish. It weighs approximately 3 pounds and is 0.7 inches thick. The outer casing is a lovely shade of orange (Clementine Orange, if you’d like to get specific,) one of two colors, the other being Mocha Brown. These colors instantly say a lot about what the notebook is meant for – comfortable computing in a semi-professional environment. That is, if you’re in an environment that hates color. If you’re working somewhere that appreciates a tiny splash, then yes, this is the notebook for you. This outer casing has an almost-rubbery feel to it, a very similar feel to the inside below the keyboard. The combination of these two makes the notebook seem to already be inside a case, one you would have purchased to make your whole experience nice and, again, comfortable to the touch.

The keyboard is a sort of Chicklet shaped key experience, with a little extra swoop below each key where normally it’d be squared off. It took your humble narrator just a couple minutes to get a completely natural feel for the board before he was tapping away like crazy. The one complaint I have about the keyboard portion of this computer is the far right row. Where I’m used to being able to find backspace, enter, shift, and etc, there’s an extra row of keys crammed up the side, the arrow keys down below, part of this row. This might be a big problem for those whose jobs depend on them typing a billion words a minute, but for everyone else, it’ll just take a couple days to get used to (if you’re used to a standard qwerty keyboard, that is.)

The trackpad is refreshing. Where I found the tappability of the gigantic HP ENVY 17 3D‘s trackpad to be unbelievably sensitive, this one appears to be right on. What I mean here is that you can both track around with your finger or single/double-click on items with the same pad, there’s no need to access the buttons below unless you’d like to drag items around the screen. The buttons are oddly refreshing too, both of them relying on more of a push than a click, if you know what I mean.

System - LENOVO 0876

Manufacturer Product Type
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Motherboard LENOVO Base Board Product Name
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU U 470 @ 1.33GHz
Processor ID GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Frequency 1.33 GHz Processors 1
Threads 4 Cores 2
L1 Instruction Cache 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache 32.0 KB
L2 Cache 256 KB L3 Cache 3.00 MB
Memory 3.80 GB 800 MHz FSB 1.07 GHz

Inside the machine you’ll find a Intel Core i5 processor with 3.8 GB RAM and a 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive. Graphics are handled by a “Intel HD graphics” graphics card powering a 12.5 inch LCD digital display at 1366 X 768 pixels. Viewing angles are basically perfect left to right, turn a bit darker at approximately 30 degrees up or down. Glare is taken care of by the lovely matte finish on the screen, but you wouldn’t have to be worrying about glare on such a small computer anyway, so it’s a bit of a moot point. On the other hand, if you live in a one bedroom apartment, maybe you WILL have to worry about glare because you’ll use this as your TV. No worries then though, because there isn’t any.

Connectivity includes Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth v2.1, the left side containing headphone jack and USB jack as well as a lock port if you plan on bringing this to a convention or something like that.

Along the right you’ll find an ethernet jack, HDMI, VGA, and USB. There’s a lovely integrated web camera up and center above the screen with not quite as good quality as you’d want to be having a meeting in a professional setting, but just fine for a casual user.

For a video of a hands-on experience with this machine, head back to the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Hands-On and Unboxing post, also done by yours truly.


The Lenovo IdeaPad U260 runs Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) and includes a surprisingly small amount of bloatware. This list includes Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer (64 bit), Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Anytime Upgrade, WIndows DVD Maker, WIndows Fax and Scan, WIndows Media Center, WIndows Media Player, (honestly do they really have to title all of these “Windows?”,) WIndows Update, McAfee virus scan, ooVoo, and a few other things that won’t jam up your day too badly. Oh, and Smile Dock! As always, we instantly installed Google Chrome and Firefox, both of which have been working just fine for internet browsing and downloading.


This machine is made to bring with you on a short trip – definitely not coming with the computing power you’d like to have on an everyday basis, especially if you’re in a computer-centric job, this is definitely the one you’ll want to bring with when you take that trip to Mobile World Congress 2011. Unless you want to watch a DVD or insert CDs of course. Let’s take a peek at the numbers: The Lenovo U260 IdeaPad ended up grabbing a 2147 on Geekbench (a synthetic test of memory and processor performance.) This places it right around the MacBook Air (3.1) which received a 2261, and the Acer Aspire 3810T (which we reviewed in June of 2009) at 2281. Thusly, you wont find this machine winning any computing power contests, but if you’re looking for a competitor for the MacBook air, here it is, not quite as bigtime.

Benchmark Score - LENOVO 0876

Section Description Score Total Score
Windows x86 (32-bit) - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Integer Processor integer performance 1583 2147
Floating Point Processor floating point performance 2968
Memory Memory performance 1839
Stream Memory bandwidth performance 1868

This machine received Cinebench (v. 11.5) rating of .94fps with 1.25pts on the CPU, so again, not exactly a gigantically majestic gaming and entertainment machine. On the other hand, it works just fine with speed for everyday activities, clicking, tapping, playing videos on online streaming sites, audio’s just fine, everything’s good enough for a part-time usage machine.


The battery is not fantastic. It’ll last you right around 3 hours doing BASIC tasks – if you’re bringing this on a long flight, hope that you get a plugin by your seat. On the other hand, there’s basically no heat coming from the machine at any time. Intel’s advanced cooling technology really shines clearly here.


If you’re a Windows sort of person, and want a tiny computer to bring with you on a trip – this is the one. This is exactly what you’re going to want. If you plan on being in the field without portable power or a wall plug for hours on end, maybe consider something else. This computer takes into account the fact that Apple is attempting to rock the ultraportable market with their MacBook Air and slams directly into it with a completely reasonably sized (small, but not tiny) notebook with a completely unique feel on the outside and the in. Starting at $899 it appears to me to be right in the correct range for cost. Uniqueness, lack of bloatware, relatively decent experience for how small a computer it is, comfortable physically. Well played, Lenovo.


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