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Sony Previews New PlayStation Move Titles At E3 2011

During Sony’s E3 2011 press conference, the company went through a whole slew of new titles optimized for its PlayStation Move controller. Sony demoed one of the games with a special guest, while playing previews for the others to show how PlayStation Move will be bringing richer and deeper experiences.

The first Move optimized game showed off was the NBA2K12, which Sony brought onstage Kobe Bryant himself to demo. However, his game playing skills didn’t quite match his actual skills on the court.

Other games that followed with previews include Medieval Move: Deadman’s Quest, Infamous 2, Little Big Planet, Starhawk, Sly Cooper, Dust 514, and Bioshock.

Of those titles, Dust will be coming exclusively to PS3 with a beta by the end of this year and a release by April 2012. And Bioshock will also have an NGP version.

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Sony Previews New PlayStation Move Titles At E3 2011 is written by Rue Liu & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Sony Announces 3D Bombshell at E3 2011

Before Sony’s Jack Tretton took the stage today at E3, we got to see a game montage that highlighted many of the games to be released this year. When the audience was cued to put their glasses on, it was clear 3D was going to be featured by Sony at E3 this year. Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, and many other titles are coming out in 3D. Jack also announced that other titles like the God of War Origins collection will be re-released later this year in 3D. Overall, Sony plans on having over 100 3D titles available in the next year. Sony wants to show they are serious about the 3D experience.

How serious are they? Sony is coming out with their own Sony branded 3D display that can display hi-definition 2D or 3D with glasses. And, they’re dropping the price on 3D to encourage more adoption of the technology by consumers. The display will be available in a bundle with a 6 foot HDMI cable, the new Resistance 3 game, and the 3D glasses for $499.

Not only that, the 3D display will allow 2 separate players to see two separate 3D screens at the same time on the same display. Basically a split screen without the split screen. We are not sure how that is going to work, but it sounds killer.

The glasses are designed to work with many different 3D TV brands. The glasses by themselves are going to be available for only $69. No word as to whether or not the 3D display will be available on its own. These new products at these prices are set to be a game-changer; we will have to see if Sony can keep them in stock. Obviously Sony is serious about getting 3D adoption out into the market. In fact almost every E3 announcement from Sony seems to include 3D.

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Sony Announces 3D Bombshell at E3 2011 is written by Ammon Carpenter & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Rocksmith and Just Dance 3, two new Games from Ubisoft at E3 2011

Two new games Ubisoft announced today at E3 bring their own unique spin to the genre of party/body games. Rocksmith changes the guitar-sim world by introducing a game where you actually play a real life guitar, not a controller. Just Dance 3 expands one of the most popular dance-sim games across all platforms, regardless if you want to Wii or Kinect.

We all remember when we first played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and we all seem to know someone that somehow feels that their skill on a virtual guitar somehow translates into real-life skill on a real world guitar. Well, Rocksmith supposedly does just that. The game begins by plugging in a real honest to goodness guitar. As you advance in the game, the game is supposed to actually teach you how to play the guitar, or improve whatever skill you may have. Definitely a game changer. Any chance Ninja Gaiden will be doing this will a real katana?

Just Dance 3 also makes some new moves for the franchise, even if they aren’t necessarily industry shattering. The new edition features new multiplayer action, and will also allow you to transfer your favorite dance tracks from the previous version of the game. Some include this in the fitness category, but regardless of how it is classified, Just Dance 3 should be a lot of fun for a group of friends or for the whole family.

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Rocksmith and Just Dance 3, two new Games from Ubisoft at E3 2011 is written by Ammon Carpenter & originally posted on SlashGear.
© 2005 - 2011, SlashGear. All right reserved.

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Apple WWDC 2011 Super Wrap-Up

The Apple WWDC 2011 keynote today revealed all the details for Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and the iCloud as was promised. Although there was no mention about any upcoming hardware such as the iPhone 5, the event was a major step forward for the company in software. Here’s all the highlights and everything you need to know about the event wrapped up in a tidy little package. Plus, you check out the full keynote video after the cut.

Mac OS X Lion

A major release with over 250 new features, of which ten were featured at the keynote.

Multi-Touch Gestures – disappearing scroll bars, fluid momentum based scrolling, swiping, and taps.
Full Screen Apps – takes advantage of every pixel on the screen. Standard method for developers to create full-screen apps. There is a new Full-Screen button. You can have more than one full-screen apps running at same time. Not like how it used to be. You can three-finger swipe to the right to go back to your desktop without closing the full-screen app.
Mission Control – Expose and Spaces combined. A simple three-finger swipe upwards takes you into Mission Control which is a bird-eye view of everything going on in your system. Multiple desktops and multiple full-screen apps, all easy to see and get to.
Mac App Store – Built-in to Lion. In-app purchases, push notifications, sandboxing for better security, and delta updates.
LaunchPad – A pinch motion makes all your applications fly onto your screen. The screen looks very similar to the iPhone and iPad icons grid interface.
Resume – Brings you right back to where you were when you quit the application. It works system wide, not just in apps.
Auto Save – Lion will automatically saves everything for you in the background. Adds a new History dropdown to your menu bar including Lock, Duplicate, Revert to Last Opened, and Browse All Versions.
Versions – can take manual snapshots, only changes are stored, not entire document in each version. Looks a lot like Time Machine, but works per document rather than your whole system. You can even cut and paste between the versions.
AirDrop – easy way to share files. Peer-to-peer WiFi-based network. Your system automatically detects who else around you is also running AirDrop. You can drag and drop files to them in this way. Auto-discovery, auto-setup. Confirmations on both sides to be safe, plus data is encrypted.
Mail – Interface revamped with full height message, favorites bar, and message snippets. New search suggestions, boolean searches, and conversation views.

Over 3000 APIs for developers. Easy to upgrade. Available in the Mac App Store. Requires 4GB of space when you buy one, it works on all your Mac devices, you don’t need separate licenses for each device. Priced at only $29.99. Available in July.

iOS 5

iOS 5 is a major release for developers and consumers. There are more than 1,500 APIs for developers and more than 200 new features for consumers. Again, the keynote highlights ten of those features.

Notifications Center – a complete and much needed revamp of the notifications system. Pulls together all notifications into one place that is accessible by down-swiping from the top of the screen, similar to how it’s done in Android. The Notifications Center essentially shows a list of different notifications organized by app. Non-obtrusive notification animation at the top of the screen that quickly goes away but can be easily accessed again later via Notifications Center. Improved lock screen shows more notifications. Sliding your finger across any notification takes you directly to the app where the notification came from. Notifications can also be individually dismissed or dismissed altogether.
News Stand – now easier than ever to access newspapers and magazines on iOS devices with integrated subscriptions feature. Content is downloaded in the background.
Twitter – is now deeply integrated into iOS. Can use single sign-on similar to Facebook’s single sign-on. Twitter becomes a native app and gets its own pane in the settings menu. Twitter is also integrated into native apps such as Camera and Photos, so that you can tweet directly from those apps. You can also tweet from Safari, YouTube videos, and from Maps. Contact photos can also be pulled directly from Twitter profiles.
Safari – a new Safari Reader button has been added that pops up in the address bar, just like how it does on Safari for desktops. Reformats pages to make it easier to read on an iPhone or iPad. Can also email contents of stories compete with its link.
Reading List – allows you to pull various articles together to look at later, much like what third-party service “Read It Later.” It syncs across all iOS devices so that if you didn’t finish reading something on your iPad, you can finish it on your iPhone.
Reminders – a native to-do app that can create virtual post-its and assign reminders and locations to different notes. Location-aware.
Camera – can be accessed faster directly from the lock screen. The volume button can now be used to take the photo. You can now pinch-to-zoom and you can hold your finger on part of an image to set autofocus and exposure lock. You can also edit your photos natively, such as red-eye reduction, quick-enhance, and cropping tools.
Mail – now gets rich-text formatting, indentation support, draggable addresses, and flagging to mark mail items unread. Search now works across the entire message, not just the subject. Better enterprise support with S/MIME support added for encryptions. New split-keyboard option for iPad interface for more convenient thumb typing.
PC Free – no longer needs to be synced with your desktop computer. A new iPhone or iPad will automatically setup and activate. Software updates are now over-the-air and there are now delta updates, which means you can download just what’s changed instead of the entire OS.
Game Center – now more social. Adding photos and you can even compare yourself against your friends and friends of friends. Friends and game recommendations. Support for turn-by-turn games.
iMessages – native enchancement to messaging. Now can do talk with individuals as well as groups. Supports text, photo, and video messaging. Delivery receipts and optional read receipts. You can also see if someone else is typing and the messages are pushed to any device that you’re logged in on. It works over 3G and WiFi and it’s all encrypted.

iOS 5 is scheduled to arrive this fall. Will support iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, both version of the iPad, and the 3rd and 4th gen of iPod touch.


iCloud automatically stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. It’s integrated with all your apps.
“We have the solution: we’re going to demote the PC and Mac to be “just a device” – we’re going to move your digital life into the cloud,” says Steve Jobs.

MobileMe – syncing contact, calendar, and email are now to be offered through iCloud for free. MobileMe will cease to exist.
AppStore – purchase history can be seen on all devices now even if it isn’t installed on the device. A cloud button is added that lets you download the app to that device at no extra charge.
iBooks – purchase history on all devices as well. Push the cloud button and downloads to the device. Reading a book on one device and bookmarked a page, you can finish reading it on another device.
Backup – wireless backup to the cloud. Once daily, your content is automatically backed up to the cloud. If you ever switch to a new phone, just enter your username and password and your data is automatically synced to that new device from the cloud. Purchased music, apps, books, camera roll for both photos and videos, device settings, and app data are all automatically backed up to the cloud.
Documents in the Cloud – sync documents via the cloud automatically for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
Photo Stream – brings your photos to the cloud. Syncs all your photos to all your devices.
iTunes – now you can sync your songs across all your devices. Purchase history is added and allows you to re-download previously purchased songs. There is also the addition of the cloud button that lets you download an already purchased song to a device if its not already on that device. A new iTunes Match feature scans your music library and find a match in Apple’s music library. This way you do not have to upload all your songs to the iCloud, which can take a lot of time. iTunes Match takes only a few minutes. It can even scan and match music that wasn’t purchased from iTunes and stream those songs at 256kbps AAC DRM-free audio quality. This feature, however, costs $24.99 a year.

iCloud will be available with the launch of iOS 5 this fall.

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Apple WWDC 2011 Super Wrap-Up is written by Rue Liu & originally posted on SlashGear.
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E3 2011: Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon, Assassins Creed and Rocksmith

Ubisoft isn’t stopping at just Driver and Far Cry 3, they’ve also announced some of the other popular games will be seeing new releases coming soon. Two of those popular games will be Ghost Recon Future Soldier, as well as Assassins Creed Revelations both of which are successful games I’m sure you are all excited to see and hear about.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier has some exciting things coming your way in regards to action, graphics, but also with Kinect. Full motion and voice controls have been integrated to give you even more control of the entire game. You can see a video of it below from the earlier Microsoft event.

Ubisoft has some great things planned for Ghost Recon, you’ll be doing more than just cloaking or using stealth maneuvers to kill your targets. You’ll be engaged in motion and voice controls and calling. You’ll feel like your actually in the battle being able to call out and direct your allies to complete tasks or move forward to engage. Another video for your viewing pleasure here we have the E3 2011 gameplay trailer for you.

The last point I want to make on Ghost Recon and probably one of the biggest is the announcement today they made about an upcoming feature called Ghost Recon Online. It will be a FREE online community and game for all you Ghost Recon fans, yes we said free. You will be able to play multiplayer Ghost Recon levels and missions online with friends, and all for free. More details have yet to be revealed on this but I have a feeling many of you are interested in such news so stay tuned.

Other than trying but failing to make the crowd and viewers laugh most of the event Ubisoft had a pretty impressive show of games and things to come. From Ghost Recon above to Assassins Creed, and the new guitar playing game that lets you learn to play right in your living room called Rocksmith. I’ll just post some pictures below to spark all of your interest. Much more will be coming out of E3 over the next few days as everyone gets hands-on and get to play these games.

After a short clip and animated movie of the upcoming release of Assassins Creed Revelations they showed some gameplay footage showing some pretty impressive moves and engaging cities.

We also got a short look into the upcoming game called Rocksmith where players will actual be able to play, and learn how to use a real guitar. Not a plastic one like Rockband or any of those titles but a real guitar.

Over the next few days we will be seeing much more regarding this and all the other games mentioned so make sure you stay tuned as all the photo’s and video start rolling in. To keep up with all the news don’t forget to check out our E3 2011 Portal.

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E3 2011: Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon, Assassins Creed and Rocksmith is written by Cory Gunther & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Rayman Origins from Ubisoft at E3

Rayman Origins is the newest in the franchise where Rayman and blue friend named Globox are back for some more action in this zany arcade style side-scroller. The demo opens with Rayman and his large blue friend chasing a large decorative treasure chest. Well, we are not sure exactly what it is. The chest looks like a barbeque, and also a little like the Arc of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Arc, but eventually does turn out to be a treasure chest.

With so many slash and blood hits released at E3, Ubisoft is probably trying to get a larger portion of the younger, more family oriented market with this release. Rayman’s blue friend also helps out with 2-person combo moves like jumps and hi-dives. Even though they are cooperating, Rayman and Globox can also smack each other about for some good old fashioned physical humor. Ubisoft is definitely returning to Rayman’s roots by sticking with the 2D action format with this title.

Not everyone is looking for a game that requires a serious time commitment or suffering through a steep learning curve. This type of game is perfect for the casual gamer or the under mature audience. It seems like Ubisoft is revealing several remakes of older games this E3, and Origins certainly fits the bill. Any old school gamers that remember the original will probably love this almost nostalgic game, but it is probably not competing against games like Assassin’s Creed.

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Rayman Origins from Ubisoft at E3 is written by Ammon Carpenter & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Ubisoft at E3 Annouces Far Cry 3, Furious 4, Driver and more

All day we have been watching all the E3 2011 news as it unfolds and right now on the stage is Ubisoft. They will be announcing all sorts of action and adventure games just like everyone else as well as feeding off of this being 25 years in gaming for them. Today we got a little surprise and they had a demo of Far Cry 3, the jungle creeping first person shooter. Followed shortly by Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. Keeping things short so we don’t miss anything I’ll get right to the photo’s.

Far Cry is a first person shooter deep in the jungles for those that don’t know. The original Far Cry was a big hit by the developers of Crysis and Crysis 2 and Ubisoft bought the rights to the game and released Far Cry 2 in the later months of 2008. 3 or so years later today they have announced Far Cry 3, we were lucky enough to snap a few screenshots of the stunning details and graphics and you can see those below.

Far Cry 2 was a hot selling game and had a very open world in the safari desert where players could roam and even drive for long periods of a time and never turn around. It was almost such a large map that I got lost at times. Far Cry 3 was not expected and Ubisoft mentioned that it was this years surprise but I have a feeling they might have another surprise or two coming later. Far Cry 3 is coming in 2012 and no other details were mentioned.

Driver was also on the discussion board as they showed clips of what Driver would have looked like 25 years ago when Ubisoft first launched, it was basically red dots chasing a yellow dot and those were the cars, fun. Ubisoft announced the upcoming game Driver San Fransisco to be the next racer in the franchise. No gameplay was shown but we did see a short video clip and it looks to feature the same great racing and intense situations as well as top notch handling just like previous releases.

They also briefly mentioned an upcoming title in the Brothers in Arms franchise called the Furious 4. It takes place in WWII era and you are four bad bad dudes that can handle any situation. Gameplay will be similar to the original Brothers in Arms and be widely based around co-op play.

More news is sure to come out of the Ubisoft event. They’ve mentioned Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon and I’m sure Assassins Creed is coming up any minute now so stay tuned.

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Ubisoft at E3 Annouces Far Cry 3, Furious 4, Driver and more is written by Cory Gunther & originally posted on SlashGear.
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HTC Sensation Facing iPhone-Like “Death Grip” Signal Strength Problem?

Remember when Steve Jobs told everyone that the iPhone 4 had to be held correctly to avoid signal loss and dropped calls? Well, it looks like that same “death grip” problem may be affecting the HTC Sensation. When the Sensation is held in a certain way, it loses signal as well as its Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

According to some tests run by Nordic Hardware, the problem may be caused by the phone’s back cover. The unibody design of the HTC Sensation is actually a removable battery cover made of metal and a few plastic patches that function as antennae. If you hand covers one of the patches, the radio performance of the Bluetooth and WiFi are noticeably reduced.

The video below demonstrates how laying the device on your palm, covering the back plate where the antennae are located, can cause Bluetooth audio playback to stop. It’s not clear at this point if a phone case, such as what was given for the iPhone 4, will help with the matter.

[via MobileCrunch]

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HTC Sensation Facing iPhone-Like “Death Grip” Signal Strength Problem? is written by Rue Liu & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Apple’s Compelling New Features Means Continued Consumer Appeal

As I sat through the WWDC Keynote where Apple announced and demonstrated a plethora of new features to OS X and iOS, the word that kept coming to me was “useful.” Much of what they demonstrated appealed to me as a Mac user as useful and practical. They addressed many of the things they needed to in order to keep their software current and competitive as well as launched a new service in the process. Things like notifications and wireless sync as well as the addition of iCloud are all necessary for them to stay relevant and continue to appeal to current and new customers.

I found it refreshing that they publicly recognized how the landscape was changing and added valuable perspective to support many of the features they have developed. They recognized that what they did with Mobile Me was not the most elegant solution and completely re-vamped it, making it more compelling and useful for the end consumer.

They recognized that the PC used to be the hub of your digital life but now in the “post PC-era” the cloud is now the hub of your digital life. iCloud represents for Apple a serious commitment to cloud services as an integrated part of the entire Apple ecosystem. This is a key point and observation because I believe the battle of the future will be in web services.

The result of this recognition by Apple will be continued interest on behalf of consumers for their hardware, software and now services. We may argue the level of the innovations and some may even say they didn’t innovate at all. Regardless they added a significant amount of useful and practical features that will result in continued consumer interest during future buying decisions.

Again my point is not that these features are exclusive to Apple or that other software platforms can’t add these features to their platform. My point is simply that Apple, in my opinion, will continue to garner consumer attention with future buying decisions for PC’s, Tablets and Smart Phones.

In my opinion these are the three most compelling and useful features of each key announcement:


1. Integrated Multi-touch trackpad gestures
2. Mission Control – Spaces just doesn’t always cut it and the gesture addition is slick
3. Full screen mode for applications – Focusing on the tasks at hand and eliminating distractions

iOS 5

1. Notification Center –
2. Safari enhancements – Reader, reading list and tabbed browsing in particular
3. Reminder’s – Specifically reminders or To-do’s triggered by location
4. New Keyboard for iPad – Cool enough I had to add a fourth


1. Free
2. Calendar Sharing – This is extremely useful for families, especially non techie ones
3. Wireless data sync or photos, documents and apps.

What were your favorite new features?

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Apple’s Compelling New Features Means Continued Consumer Appeal is written by Ben Bajarin & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Busts our Live Visitor Record Charts!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we here at SlashGear are proud to announce that we’ve just today made a brand new record for our site’s live feed viewership. Not only have we beaten previous records, we’ve beaten them by a country mile, collecting nearly twice the live viewers that we’d had for previous press events such as the Apple keynote on iCloud, iOS 5, and OS X Lion that occurred today. First we’d like to thank you, the readers, then we’d like to literally tell you where we stand!

Where our previous high for live feed viewership during a special event was a still very impressive 4,000,000 viewers at its peak, today we secured 8,698,232 users, and it seemed like they all had a pretty good time! If you were with us today at the usual address, we thank you for participating and hope that you’ll stick with us for future events as well as everyday news on everything tech and gadget goodness!

Also remember to head over to our Facebook page for all sorts of exclusive content and contests and candy and punch and pie! AND stick with us here in the main news feed for all the E3 coverage you can handle all week!

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Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Busts our Live Visitor Record Charts! is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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