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Google Play Store app receives an update with improved My Apps and reviews sections

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While most of us are still getting used to the Google Play Store’s new name, the Search Giant is staying busy with more improvements. The Play Store is currently receiving a significant update, bringing an improved UI for the My Apps section and app reviews.

The new My Apps portal now includes a new section named “All.” This section mimics what the web Play Store “My Android Apps” does. It displays all the applications you have ever downloaded, whether the apps are currently installed on your device or not. It is a neat addition, but the other new feature seems much more helpful.

When going through app reviews, one can now sort the customers’ comments to better fit one’s experience. There are two sections, with two options each. One can sort the reviews by the most helpful or the newest to show first on the list. Furthermore, it is also possible to show comments only from users that have the latest version of the app, or from people that own your same device.

In addition, the reviewer’s device is always listed in the review. Something that we have had to rely on the user to specify, upon writing a comment. It will make the experience much smoother, as you will no longer have to search comment by comment to see who has issues with your device model.

The update is currently rolling out as version 3.5.15. But if you haven’t received it just yet, the guys from Droid-Life have made the .apk file available for download. You can simply download and install it on top of the Google Play Store.

[Via: Droid-Life]

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