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Motorola’s New WebTop 3.0 Software Transforms Android 4.0 RAZR’s Into Tablet Mode

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Like your momma always told you, imitation is the best form of flattery. And in this case, it seems Motorola is doing the flattering, taking cues from the upcoming ASUS Padfone. Motorola’s Lapdocks will be receiving an all new WebTop 3.0 software update that has wiped the old Linux desktop OS clean, instead, displaying an ICS tablet mode when connected to one of Moto’s Android 4.0 running devices. Features like Face Unlock seem to have made the cut, and although a bit buggy (some apps aren’t compatible with the full screen tablet, er — WebTop mode), you can see the utility in having both a phone OS and tablet OS at your fingertips.

It looks Motorola Droid RAZR/ Maxx users have a little something extra to look forward to once their devices are finally upgraded to Android 4.0. Have to admit, this exponentially adds more value to, not just Motorola’s Lapdocks, but their Android 4.0 running devices as well. Consider me jelly. Let’s hope this type of functionality makes it’s way to more Android devices in the future. This could be Android’s newest killer feature.


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