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Google makes more on iPhone than Android

We’re getting eerie reminders of a Microsoft-related situation from last year when we hear this analysis: it appears that Google is making more from Apple’s iOS than they are from their own OS Android. It’s according to Horace Dediu of Asymco that a Google smartphone revenue rise this year is derived more from iOS than it is from Android. What’s more, it seems that Android isn’t even nearly the same money-maker that Apple’s iPhone is for Google: imagine that!

Dediu takes these numbers from a recent court case settlement you may have heard of: Google vs Oracle. In that settlement, court filings contain two numbers that unfold a whole mess of mathematics that’ve been nearly figured out by those wanting to know up unto this point. These numbers are the amount Google offered Oracle: $2.8 million and 0.515% of Android revenues on an ongoing basis.

The big assumption here is that $2.8 million USD represents the amount (in accordance with the 0.515% of future revenue) that Google owes Oracle of the amount they’ve made on Android already. So all Asymco had to do was find the other 99.485% of the cash, and that’s what Google has made on Android thus far. That amount is approximately $544 million USD.

Back in October, Google mentioned that they had a $2.5 mobile run rate, this number representing the revenue Google is making each year, essentially on average, from all mobile-related services. The chart above comes from Asymco and shows what they’ve extrapolated – Android Revenues in blue and Google’s Mobile “Run Rate” in green. Below you’ll see That run rate split up by Android devices in use and by iOS devices in use.

This chart shows how much Google is making from iOS and how much they’re making from Android. Notice any numbers missing?

[via Asymco]

Google makes more on iPhone than Android is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Galaxy Nexus employee training begins at Sprint

With Sprint set to launch its first LTE handset in the coming weeks, it stands to reason that the Galaxy Nexus, which was announced alongside the LG Viper at CES, will follow shortly after. New training documents obtained by Engadget show that employees are already getting learned on the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich handset. The training covers all the basics from Android 4.0 to Google Wallet and is expected to be completed within the next couple of weeks. The timing suggests a late April launch. This lines up with previous leaks showing an April 22nd release date for Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Of note is mention of another LTE handset by the name of LG Fury within the training materials. It’s very possible that the name could be referring to the Viper while being confused with the recently released ZTE Fury. It seems likely that Sprint would release two handsets under the same name.

[via Engadget]

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Sprint rep confirms LTE data will remain unlimited

Though there has been no specific announcement detailing the launch of Sprint’s 4G LTE network, its first compatible device was announced for pre-order earlier today. The LG Viper 4G LTE looks to take full advantage of the network technology taking over in place of Sprint’s previous WiMAX coverage, but will the associated data plans be subject to an overhaul? Apparently not, according to Sprint rep Nichole Cappitelli. Speaking to TechHog, Cappitelli confirmed that LTE data plans would still include an unlimited option, though further details were not provided.

We’ll wait for a final announcement from Sprint to back up what we are hearing, but it makes sense for Sprint to keep bandwidth restrictions in line with what was offered with their WiMAX services. Unlimited data is one of Sprint’s few competitive advantages now that other major carriers have shifted to tiered pricing schemes, and losing that advantage is something the the Now Network surely doesn’t want to happen.

[via TechHog | Thanks, Alison]

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Opower Facebook home energy competition gets green

This week if you start seeing energy readings popping up on Facebook, you should know that it’s alright- it’s just green people working with Opower. The Opower group works with utility groups around the world to attempt to make world citizens more conscious about the amount of power they use on a daily basis. What they’ve done here is to work with Facebook apps to create a competition amongst friends to see who can attain the lowest power used in a single period – are you up for the challenge?

There’s something to be said about the competitive spirit that exists in each of the so-called Green People amongst us looking to push their beliefs on the rest of the world. Living with less power is something one whole heck of a lot of the citizens of the United States could do, that’s for certain, but what the Facebook app that’s gaining traction this week aims to do is bring the whole world up to speed.

You’ll be entering a bit of information on your home and actually connecting with your energy bills to do this competition, so we’re not expecting everyone to be 100% comfortable with doing it. That said, it does appear that users wont be revealing anything other than the amount of power they use, not how much it costs.

In addition to attempting to defeat your neighbors in this competition, you’ll be checking out “Ways to Save” with a helpful Opower guide, you can compare with the rest of the people in your area, and you can connect to other Opower services. Get green right this instant! Check out the Opower Facebook connection page for more info!

Opower Facebook home energy competition gets green is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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NOOK Audio coming from Barnes and Noble soon

It appears that either Barnes & Noble played a very low-key April Fool’s joke on unsuspecting NOOK lovers this week, or they’re bringing a NOOK Audio device to the market very soon. What we’re seeing today is a NOOK Audio model number OE250 page on Barnes & Noble thanks to intrepid searchers at The Digital Reader where they also note that the company filed for a trademark for that name all the way back in February (last month.) Will Barnes & Noble be releasing an MP3 player soon?

This product may well also just be an addition to the already released NOOK Touch and/or NOOK Color e-readers. These units do not have speakers currently in them, so this product could very well just be a dock or a pair of headphones. The NOOK Color already has products made by 3rd party developers along these lines, but Barnes & Noble could be bringing the heat themselves this time.

Meanwhile the NOOK line has survived over a year in an otherwise wild and crazy Android-based world, and Barnes & Noble is keeping a candle lit for the whole line through the future. For those of you looking to purchase a NOOK Color or NOOK Touch, we’ve got hands-on time and reviews of both if you’d like to take a look. Head to the timeline below and see!

[via The Digital Reader]

NOOK Audio coming from Barnes and Noble soon is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Wii U contends power as great as PS3 and Xbox 360

Read that title again, ladies and gentlemen, because it might throw you for a loop – developers working with the Wii U are saying that it’s just about as powerful as current-generation consoles. That’s not the Xbox 720, it’s not the PlayStation 4, it’s the already release for many moons Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. How Nintendo will possibly be able to keep up with these other two titans of mobile gaming will soon become clear – if it does not, we fear for the very short life of Nintendo’s next effort.

On the plus side, there are no talks thus far of the Nintendo Wii U dis-allowing the re-use of “used” video games. Where both Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles are being said to only accept brand new games and do not want you to share or sell your games at all whatsoever, the Wii U may well be the last gaming system on the street with used games for sale at GameStop. Would that be enough to turn you away from one of your other favorites in the field?

Current generation consoles are fantastic, undeniable, better than ever before. But will Nintendo need to up the ante to compete with what very well might be the next systems from their competitors in the next couple of years? Let us know what you think!

[via GamesIndustry]

Wii U contends power as great as PS3 and Xbox 360 is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 launch re-set for end of April

The release of two of Samsung’s newest efforts in the tablet business, both of them Galaxy Tab 2s, have been set for the end of April. The release of both of these Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets (ICS in the end) was supposed to be set for March, and now that the entire month of March has passed, Samsung has re-announced the release of both for the end of April instead. Here we’re seeing what very well could be the amount of time Samsung needs to upgrade both tablets to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich before their official drop.

These models take on what Samsung has released already with the Galaxy Tabs of many different sizes and builds, this newest release being what Samsung has noted will be a low-cost set of alternatives to the already ultra-powerful models they’ve released without the “2″ in the name. Users of the original Galaxy Tab will have quite a jump ahead of them, while Galaxy Tab 2011 users will likely be avoiding this release.

These tablets will come in 3G and Wi-fi configurations, and will have either a 7-inch with 1024 by 600 pixel resolution display, or a 10.1-inch display with 1280 by 800 pixel display. Both models will have dual-core 1GHz processors inside, cameras on both sides, and 32GB of storage inside. Both models will also have a microSD card slot for memory expansion. At the moment, this release is set for the UK only.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 launch re-set for end of April is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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LG sets date for Voice Control Smart TV

Today LG has announced that the Voice Control feature for their current line of Smart TVs will be activated by the end of April. This update will include all Smart TVs working with the Magic Remote, demonstrated in near full working order earlier this year at CES. These vivid, gigantic, and otherwise spectacularly impressive Smart TV units will soon have you asking if they’ll please head to your favorite station to watch all your Thursday shows with great ease!

The key element here in what LG has presented for voice control thus far has been the Magic Remote, a smooth edged stick with the ability to work with motion control as well as traditional button pushing to work all of the functions on your LG Smart TV. With just 5 buttons and a litany of abilities, this little beast will have its software connection to the Smart TV models you’ve already got in your homes today.

Units released after April will also have this software update waiting for them right out of the box. This update should be a giant swipe at the rest of the Smart TV world, with Samsung and Sony having no real comparable service available at the moment. Will you be driven to work with Smart TV if you can speak with it?


LG sets date for Voice Control Smart TV is written by Chris Burns & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Five apps to help you file your taxes

With only a few weeks before taxes are due -- the federal deadline is on April 17, and many states have followed suit -- plenty of Americans are scrambling to file before the clock ticks away. We've gone and found five apps that will help you make Tax Day, and waiting for that refund, a bit easier.

TurboTax SnapTax (Free, but has in-app purchases)

This app from Intuit allows those who are eligible to file with the simple 1040-EZ to do their taxes straight from the iPhone. Snap a photo of your W-2, answer the questions and hit the button to zip your return to the IRS. While the app itself is free, actually filing a return costs $24.99.

TurboTax 2011 (Free, but has in-app purchases)

Those who use TurboTax for their taxes can now do so via the iPad. The app itself is a free download, but like all of Intuit's products, filing the return will cost you. Those who have used TurboTax in the past will find the interface familiar. Filing returns starts at $49.99 for federal taxes and $39.99 for state.

H&R Block At Home 1040EZ 2011 (Free)

This app from H&R Block allows you to check your Federal return status. It also allows you to create checklists for doing your taxes and estimate your refund, and it provides access to a tax help center that allows you to look up questions, define tax terms and more. And, if you throw up your hands in defeat, the app also provides directions to the closest H&R Block location.

Receipts Pro - Expense Tracking with Reports ($4.99)

Receipts Pro keeps track of all your business expenses as you make them so you're not struggling to recall them when doing your taxes. The app lets you take photos of your receipts and organize them into groups or categories. Custom fields can be used to attach tax or payment information to each receipt. An overview graph helps you keep track of spending and a reporting feature lets you print up a detailed list of expenses.

IRS2Go (Free)

Finally, we have the app developed by the IRS itself. Like other apps, it will allow you to check refund status. You can sign up to get tax tips emailed to you, how to contact the IRS, and you can follow the IRS Twitter feed from it. However, it does not provide access to tax code, forms or the sort of tools found in Tax Central. Still, if you feel more comfortable using the official app to check your refund status rather than Intuit or H&R Block, this app is not a bad way to go.

[Original article by Megan Lavey-Heaton]

TUAW - The Unofficial Apple WeblogFive apps to help you file your taxes originally appeared on TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Tue, 03 Apr 2012 18:05:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Analytics firm names Galaxy Note TV spot most effective ad of Q1

Though Samsung did their best to hype up a series of ads poking fun at the cult of Mac — a group of commercials that culminated in an extravagant Super Bowl spot — advertising analytics firm Ace Metrix has named another TV spot hocking the Galaxy Note as the most effective with US audiences for the first quarter of 2012. The ad, which highlights the Note’s unique form factor blurring the line between phone and tablet, received a score of 686 using Ace Metrix’s proprietary scoring system. The gauge of viewer reaction has a max score of 950.

Following behind Samsung’s Galaxy Note ad were spots for Doritos and M&M’s. Both tied for 2nd place with a score of 671. Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll said Q1 is “the most important quarter for advertising” due to several big television events including the Super Bowl, Oscars, and other awards shows. Daboll called Samsung’s ad “particularly brilliant” and noted that big competitor Apple didn’t rank nearly as high. Samsung’s marketing effectiveness could pay off in the long run and perhaps earn them the Apple-like following they seek.

[via BGR]

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