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Apple investigates iPad Wi-Fi issues and replaces affected units

So far, most of the complaints on the new iPad that we have talked about have centered on how hot the tablet gets. There are some other issues though with some new iPad owners having a problem with Wi-Fi on the tablets. An internal AppleCare document has surfaced that shows Apple is investigating Wi-Fi issues that are affecting the new iPad.

Some users have complained about Wi-Fi on the new iPad with a variety of issues, including connection drops, slow download and upload speeds, and issues picking up a Wi-Fi signal at all in some instances. Some users have reported using the new iPad alongside a notebook with a notebook having perfect reception in the iPad showing a very weak signal.

9to5Mac reports that a thread about the issue on the Apple support forums has 700 replies from users complaining of similar issues. The internal AppleCare document states retail stores should replace or “capture” any Wi-Fi only device that the exhibit any issue related to Wi-Fi such as intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds, and not seeing Wi-Fi networks. The tablets are to be returned for testing along with included accessories.

[via 9to5Mac]

Apple investigates iPad Wi-Fi issues and replaces affected units is written by Shane McGlaun & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Flashback trojan captures over half a million Macs

For a long time Macs were pretty much left alone when it came to viruses and Trojans. Thanks to the booming popularity of Mac computers, that isn’t the case anymore with more and more attacks coming that are aimed directly at OS X users. One of the latest bits of nefarious software aimed at Mac users is the Flashback trojan.

According to reports, this particular trojan has control of over half a million Mac computers, and the number keeps increasing. That number comes from a Russian antivirus company called Dr. Web. When the trojan was first reported, the antivirus company claimed it controlled 550,000 Mac computers. Later in the day one malware analyst from the company claimed that the number of infected Macs had increased to 600,000 with 274 checking in from Cupertino.

The latest version of the Flashback trojan has been around since last year, and the latest version targeted an unpatched Java vulnerability within the Mac operating system. However, Apple has now patched that Java vulnerability. The image you see here is the result of code F-Secure offers to test and see if your Mac is compromised. Mac users should check their computers ASAP.

[via ArsTechnica]

Flashback trojan captures over half a million Macs is written by Shane McGlaun & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Propellerhead Figure for iPhone pares ReBirth for the mainstream

Reason and ReBirth developer Propellerhead has trimmed and sliced its music chopping talents down into a pick-up-and-play iPhone app, Figure, offering intuitive track creation for under a dollar. Pulling in audio from Reason’s Thor synth and Kong drum machine for bass, lead and percussion, Figure is designed to be usable in just a few minutes by even those with no musical skills whatsoever, by dragging a finger around the play pad UI.

There are also some easily modified touch-wheels to control rhythm and pitch, as well as make sure that your finger scrubbing keeps in tune and to the beat. Various tweaks can be applied to the preset sounds too, again using the play pad UI so that users needn’t know the technical terms.

Mixing is similarly straightforward, with automatic compression for that tight, professional sound, and you can add club-style sidechain compression with the tap of the “Pump” button. Propellerhead says the goal was something simple enough to pick up and use while you’re queuing, but with sufficient depth to maintain interest over longer periods too.

Figure for iPhone is available from the App Store, priced at $0.99 [iTunes link].

[via Music Ally]

Propellerhead Figure for iPhone pares ReBirth for the mainstream is written by Chris Davies & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Asus PadFone gets priced and heads for pre-order

The Asus PadFone is an interesting device. This is a little smartphones that can be turned into a tablet with a keyboard dock to let you work a real full-size keyboard and a larger screen while you’re on the go. We have a few more details on the PadFone today including the official price in Taiwan and the launch date.

In Taiwan, the PadFone will sell for NT$17,990 or about $610 here in the States. That price is for the PadFone only and does not include the stylus or the tablet section. It makes little sense to get the PadFone without those two accessories in my book, and I imagine most of the people shopping this device feel the same way.

To get the PadFone along with the tablet and stylus/Bluetooth headset will cost you NT$28,901 working out to about $850 in the United States. If you want the whole works, including the keyboard dock add on, that will cost you NT$28,901 or about $980 in the States. If you pre-order, Asus is throwing in an extra battery to sweeten the deal. You can pre-order starting tomorrow in Taiwan with official availability date of April 20. If you have missed this device so far, check out the Asus teaser video below.

[via Engadget]

Asus PadFone gets priced and heads for pre-order is written by Shane McGlaun & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Android Overload: Samsung Plans Own Mobile Ad Platform, LightSquared Could Be Filing For Bankruptcy And More

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In case you’re new around here, you have just entered into the world famous Android Overload. This is the one place you can always turn, when you have an insatiable appetite for even more things Android. Since not every story that comes our way is published to our front page, we place them here. So, that you, out readers, can give them the final once over before we toss them out into the seas of the world wide webs. Find something interesting? Let us know!

  • Gmail for Android gets a minor upgrade, likely security-enhancing and bug-fixing. [Google Play Store]
  • Google Maps Street View gets “action bar” for Android 4.0+ devices. [Google Play Store]
  • Court sides with Apple over technical terms to be used in patent fight with Samsung. [Reuters]
  • LightSquared considers filing for bankruptcy. [WSJ]
  • Samsung begins mass production of super high-speed UHS-1 microSD cards. [SammyHub]
  • Marvel AR now available. Takes Marvel super heroes into the 3rd dimension. [Google Play Store]
  • Comics by Comixology has been revamped and overhauled in latest update. [Google Play Store]
  • iDrive allows you to access your Google Docs as if stored natively on your desktop. [iDrive]
  • 40% of teens want an iPhone, not an Android device. [AllThingsD]
  • Developer Papermill says Android users are less willing to pay for premium apps. [TheVerge]
  • Samsung plans mobile ad platform to rival Google and Apple. [BGR]

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No, This Is The New CyanogenMod Mascot – Meet Cid

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Yesterday, we told you about CyanogenMod’s decision to create a new mascot/logo to reflect the team’s growth as a group mature group of developers working together on a common project. As it turns out, the design from yesterday was scrapped, and they’ve now come up with something a little bit different, a mascot TeamDouche and company are calling “Cid.” The name came out of decision to come up with an acronym for CyanogenMod ID or C.I.D. for short. The CM team elaborated on their blog:

Some of you may also be familiar with the concept of the "id", the instinctual driving force behind our personalities. It seemed fitting, that this chaotic force and need for immediate gratification, was incorporated into the image of a OS which strives to be on the bleeding edge of Android development.

Love it or hate, I “get” what Steve and team were going for, even if I don’t particularly find the design attractive. Hey, it’s not my ROM. What do you guys think of this new, new mascot? Great? Terrible? Anything you would change?


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Jaguar F-TYPE melts hearts and moistens loins

Jaguar has confirmed it will be launching a production version of the silkily delicious C-X16 concept from late 2011, the Jaguar F-TYPE, set to hit roads and tracks in mid-2013. Shown so far clad in eye-mangling camoflage – as well as roaring round the racetrack, which you can see after the cut – the F-TYPE will launch as a two-seater convertible initially, with new petrol engines and all-aluminum construction.

“The core appeal of Jaguar’s cars is their sporting heart, and that heart will beat stronger than ever before in the F-TYPE” Adrian Hallmark, global brand director at Jaguar Cars said of the new model. “Its development is a vivid representation of the confidence and ambition of the Jaguar brand, and the desire amongst our engineers and design team to produce a world-leader in a market segment that we have been absent from for too long. But no longer – the F-TYPE is coming.”

The track testing is the first outing for the engineering prototypes, which have been constructed at the same Castle Bromwich, UK, plant that the production cars will be made at.

As for the luscious styling, that’s the handiwork of Jaguar director of design Ian Callum. “A true sports car needs to be pure in both its purpose and its form; to have the opportunity to produce such a car for Jaguar has been a privilege both for myself and for my team” Callum said of the new model. “The C-type, D-type and E-type Jaguars were all sports cars that held true to this principle in their era, and the F-TYPE will hold true to that same principle in its time, a time that is soon to arrive.”

It’s unclear quite how much of the C-X16 concept will make its way into the production model. That used a supercharged 3-liter V6 engine with 375 hp and 322 lb-ft of torque, paired with an 8-speed ZF auto transmission and stop/start tech for reducing emissions. Jaguar also showed a hybrid version, though there’s no indication that the company will be releasing that commercially. Inside, meanwhile, was the traditional concept gush of OLED displays and high-tech switchgear.

Pricing and complete specifications will be revealed later in 2012, ahead of the F-TYPE’s commercial launch midway through next year.


Jaguar F-TYPE melts hearts and moistens loins is written by Chris Davies & originally posted on SlashGear.
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7.85-inch iPad mini on Apple testbench tips insider

Apple is reportedly experimenting with a 7.85-inch “iPad mini” in its labs, according to insiders, though as with all tech tinkering the project may never spawn a commercial release. ”I’ve heard from numerous people that that’s one of the ideas that they’re noodling with” Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber confirmed on a podcast with The Talk Show, with the tester tablet said to be roughly the same height as the current new iPad is wide (7.31-inches).

The idea of a smaller iPad has persisted for several years now, despite Steve Jobs publicly dismissing slates with screen sizes in-between phones and the 9.7-inch iPad as “tweeners” that were unsuitable for human fingers. Nonetheless, chatter of internal testing – with supplies of 7.85-inch displays being reportedly ordered back in October - has persisted, talking of screen sizes ranging from 5- to 8-inches.

“There are a couple areas where I think text is maybe a little too small,” Gruber suggests, having mocked up a test display of his own, “but it’s not ridiculously small.”

Still, Gruber was quick to point out that he has “heard from nobody” that the iPad mini has been green-lighted for production, though he speculated that Apple could be holding the design in reserve should smaller Android tablets become a surprise success in the marketplace. The iPad mini, or at least the prototypes known about, is believed to have the same 1024 x 768 resolution as the original iPad and iPad 2, though with a smaller panel size the pixel density would be higher, at around 163ppi versus 132ppi.

If it does see a release, the new iPad mini could be launched as soon as WWDC 2012, Apple’s developer event expected to take place in June, Gruber suggested.

[via Apple Insider]

7.85-inch iPad mini on Apple testbench tips insider is written by Chris Davies & originally posted on SlashGear.
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Panasonic LUMIX GF5 official

Panasonic has outed its latest Micro Four Thirds camera, the LUMIX GF5, a 12.1-megapixel pocket scale shooter that refines the good work of its GF3 predecessor. The GF5 introduces a new Live MOS image sensor along with the latest version of Panasonic’s Venus Engine with Multi-process Noise Reduction, together good for maximum 12800 ISO and 0.09s autofocus. It’ll also shoot 1080i Full HD video.

On the back is a new, 3-inch 920k dot LCD touchscreen, doubling the resolution of the 469k dot GF3 for higher-quality previews and smoother menus. There’s a pop-up flash as before, and the camera can be set to both lock focus and fire off a frame when a point is tapped on the touchscreen.

Various new onboard filter modes are introduced, including Soft Focus, Dynamic Monochrome, Impressive Art, One Point Color, Cross Process, Low Key, Toy Effect and Star Filter, and there are multiple shooting modes – including 4fps full resolution burst photography – alongside Panasonic’s usual iA+ automatic mode.

Focusing uses Contrast AF, controlled by the image sensor, and the GF5 introduces full-area focusing to Panasonic’s G-Series. There’s also Pinpoint AF, which enlarges the point of focus for more accurate selection in the scene; AF tracking can then follow that subject around.

Video, meanwhile, is recorded in MP4 AVCHD format, with Dolby Digital Stereo Creator audio, and there’s in-clip Touch AF and a dedicated recording button on the top.

The LUMIX GF5 will go on sale “later this year” in black, white and red, either at $599 with a 14-42mm standard zoom lens, or at $749 with a 14-42mm power zoom lens. If you want to get a feel for the LUMIX GF5 before it goes on sale, Panasonic has released a LUMIX G experience app [iTunes link] for iPad.


Panasonic LUMIX GF5 official is written by Chris Davies & originally posted on SlashGear.
© 2005 - 2012, SlashGear. All right reserved.

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Google Play Books Updated – Brings Revamped UI With Much Requested 3D Page Animations

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For all you e-reading bookworms out there, you may care to know that Google has updated their Play Books (Google Books) application with a fresh coat of paint and one of the most user requested features — 3D page turn animations. A few more additions have been added as well. The in-book search works while offline and you can now add a shortcut to your homescreen for a single book.

While these new additions sound great, the update hasn’t been welcomed with much enthusiasm in the Play Store. Users are reporting a good amount of bugs depending on their device. So, for those who currently have the app and everything is running great, you may want to hold off on this update until the next round. Good luck.

[Play Store Link]

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