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Netflix is now #1 online movie service in US

When it comes to watching movies online, many of you may have thought that Netflix was already at the top of the list. But according to IHS iSuppli, it used to be Apple. The amount of people who tuned to Netflix for their digital movie needs grew 44% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, iTunes’s market share was cut in half.

Apple’s movie service now only accounts for 32.3% of the online movie market. But don’t shed too many tears for Apple. After the company allowed users to sign up for Netflix directly through the Apple TV, it was reported that the company could potentially be receiving a cut of every new Netflix subscriber who joins through that platform. In other words, high Netflix subscriptions is good for Apple, just as long as a fair amount of those subscriptions are coming from the Apple TV.

Netflix had a crisis of faith last year when it drastically increased prices and announced it would be axing its DVD-by-mail business from its streaming business. The company was taught a huge lesson in humility when it lost massive amounts of subscribers. It learned then that it has to actually care about the millions of customers who pay for the service. Since then, subscription numbers have consistently been on the rise.

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