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Bit33/E5: Working with Tapjoy to advertise TriviaBurst

Santa Clara, CA – Bit33 and E5 work with TapJoy to generate new users.

Tapjoy helps developers maximize their profit from mobile apps (ads, virtual goods, rewarded installs) and TriviaBurst is the newest iPhone trivia Game in the App Store that uses the competitive edge to maximize the trivia experience on the iPhone. It uses the latest technology of Apple's SDK to provide the maximum level of fun.

We're excited to work with TapJoy and add to the roster of our ever growing user base.

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Bit33/E5: Launch new website for TriviaBurst iPhone App

Santa Clara, CA – Bit33 and E5 announce the launch of the new website.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new website, stay tuned for updates.

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Bit33/E5: Launch TriviaBurst iPhone Trivia Game

Santa Clara, CA - Bit33 and E5 announce the launch of its first iPhone application, TriviaBurst.

More than just a typical trivia app, TriviaBurst allows players to test their trivia wits in a competitive and user-driven environment taking full advantage of the best features the iPhone has to offer.  One of those features is the seamless integration with Facebook Connect, allowing users to share their scores in real-time with friends. TriviaBurst is the first trivia game in the iTunes App Store that allows players to create teams and challenge friends or family on an individual or team basis.


TriviaBurst combines the love of trivia with the heat of competition. Form groups, challenge your friends, and even submit your own trivia questions in this unique online trivia game featuring over 5500+ questions across multiple categories. No charge for additional categories or questions. You get all the questions in the game plus all the new ones that are constantly added by our user base. TriviaBurst is the first trivia game on the App Store that allows you to compete against your friends and family for top scores. Answer harder questions for more points and climb to the top of the in-game leader boards. Submit your own questions and have other players see your picture right in game! Brag to the world by automatically posting your scores on your Facebook™ page. The message center will let you know when your friends have beaten your score and it's time to play!


  • Over 5500+ questions with three levels of difficulty across multiple categories.
  • Ability to submit your own questions to test others with your trivia knowledge.
  • Challenge groups or friends to see who can score more points.
  • Earn more points for harder questions as well as how quickly you answer.
  • Browse the scores of other people and groups using the in-game leader boards.
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